HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Universal Credits Delayed

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the government's plans for an all "singing and dancing" universal credit system, scheduled to be up and running by 2013, may in fact be a tad delayed.

The Guardian reports that the new IT systems, that will link Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HMRC, necessary for universal credits will not be ready on time.

Quel surprise!

Politicians don't do IT!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Lets try and work this through?

    HM C&E is forcibly taken over by the former IR and the resulting mess termed HMRC (never mind the isshite suffix for now).
    Nothing works properly, billions are wasted on IT, some lunatic opens the Pandora's box that is Pacesetter and the tax gap doesn't just widen it expands like a premier league footballers series of gagging orders, oh yes, the only consistency is the way in which the Department comes out of the staff surveys - ever downwards!
    And now someone is trying to force a bodged joint between DWP and HMRC.
    It ain't goin' to work peeps!
    Unless you have lieved in a time warp you have failed to notice that IT is the modern version of the "snake oil" salesmen of the wild west. Complicated IT requirements, Civil Service "managers" and outurns that work do not exist, and \i don't view HMRC in isolation from any other part of the Civil Service look at what has happened "across the piste" ("they" like that phrase, its quite snappy") e.g. Air Traffic Control, Airwaves, e.Borders etc. etc.
    An abacus, 2 tin cans and a piece of string and a typewriter please!

  2. I do wish the old C&E would get over this obsession that IR took them over Gordon Brown merged the two departments so old C&E blame the right person IR never asked for merger in the ssme way C&E didn't. This snobby attitude of the old C&E got boring years ago it's been 6 years it's done their is no going back.

  3. I seem to recall Straithie stating in a select committee that the systems would be ready on time. I also remember at the time thinking she was lying again.

  4. Amazin what you catch if you put the right groundbait out?
    The old C&E had lost its way some years before the forced merger and what happened was viewed by many as just deserts for the arrogance of the few, brings to mind Churchill's famous "never have so many owed so much to so few"!
    Post the LCB disgrace and a few other debacles in MTIC and drugs cases with a bit of mismanaged informants thrown in and the writing was on the wall.
    Now, where did that lot end up?
    Fact remains though, the current image of HMRC comes from a majority ex. IR view boosted by the indecency of Pacesetter.
    You are correct, and I agree there is and should not be any going back but at least gey what is an "inland revenue" system working effectively.
    Now thts a challenge.

  5. The current view of HMRC is that it is a failed organisation. Everything it tries to do seems to fail or cause problems.

  6. So who is doing anything about it?
    Answers on a pin head please?

  7. @21 June 2011 22:40

    Ken Frost is doing his utmost.....

    In no way is he trying to garner popular opinion from outside HMRC and within.....

  8. "So who is doing anything about it?
    Answers on a pin head please?"

    Don't worry about it, the government will probably change it's mind next week about the whole thing.

  9. Good oh!
    Wouldn't like to think nothing would happen, again!

  10. Remember i2k?
    That was great!
    Same old, Same old. New computers.

  11. No surprises here. Universal Credits are dependent on a functioning RTI PAYE system and that currently has not got beyond the vapourware stage with the IT suppliers struggling to get a coherent set of requirements out of the board of HMRC and IMS. Quite how these people expect the departments creaking technical and administrative infrastructure to cope is beyond me. HMRC struggle to process 25 million employees data once a year.Doing it once a month will almost certainly be impossible particularly given the volumes of data involved (300 million records per annum). It will also place a huge burden on smaller employers many of whom will have to completely change their payroll systems. I suspect quite a few will simply encourage staff to become 'self employed' and then leave it to the Revenue to challenge their status. It is a recipe for confusion, mistakes, runaway IT costs and failure. If they have any sense they would ditch it not delay it.

  12. Anon @ 22:49...

    "If they have any sense they would ditch it not delay it."

    They have no sense.

  13. Please remember that it's not HMRC that wants this it's this hotch-potch so called government.
    HMRC and the Benefits agency have been instructed to set this up.

  14. A select committee offered the dame a chance to say if she any doubts that the software would be ready on time and she said it would be.

    Given the track record of public sector IT projects maybe she should have taken the opportunity to be honest for once.

  15. "Given the track record of public sector IT projects maybe she should have taken the opportunity to be honest for once."

    I'll second that, but come on is it likely that the head of a large government department is going to admit they are incapable of delivering the governments goals?

    Like every other government IT project, this one will be delivered 3 years behind schedule, yet still manage to be 3 years too early!.... & as for the cost!!!