HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Advice To David Gauke

Get your figures right before you open your mouth.

Well done Accountancy Age for spotting this!

"Exchequer secretary to the Treasury David Gauke originally told Parliament that a total of 9,600 non-doms would pay an annual remittance charge in 2012-13, which allows them to pay tax only on money remitted to the UK and not on total worldwide income.

This was an increase on the 7,400 non-doms expected to pay the charge in 2011-12, despite chancellor George Osborne announcing an increase in the charge for non-doms who had been resident in the UK for 12 or more of the previous 14 years from £30,000 to £50,000.

However, following an investigation by Accountancy Age, Gauke yesterday told Parliament that the figures for 2012-13 were 6,300 in total, with 2,600 people paying the £30,000 and 3,700 paying the increased £50,000 charge.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. He cant do his sums.

    Thats why he got the HMRC job.

  2. @6 July 2011 21:23

    David Gauke MP is an MP.

    In case you're wondering: MP stands for 'Member of Parliament'.

  3. @21:58

    In case you're wondering: He is responsible for HMRC, I would call that "an HMRC job". Still I guess being responsible means nothing when it comes to HMRC

  4. Being responsible means nothing when your an MP.

  5. Strange, I don't remember my MP sending me three incorrect tax code's but I do remember him writing to HMRC and getting it sorted out because no one within HMRC seemed to to be able to deal with the problem.

  6. I suspect someone in HMRC did get it sorted out. It is highly unlikely that your MP walked into a tax office, accessed your records, recalculated your tax code and reissued it.

    Still you did manage to get your MP to write to HMRC for you.

  7. 6 July 2011 22:40


  8. @ 6 July 2011 23:55

    Please get out of my head!!!

  9. @6 July 2011 23:34

    The first incorrect code is usually due to no information being provided by the person responsible for giving HMRC the information.

    The second would then be due to inadequate information being sent.

    The third one was probably half right but as a consequence of the first two mishaps, was on a different basis to how the person expected it to be,

    Also it's interesting how you trust your own MP implicitly but not David Gauke, simply because he is a minister who has something to do with err... something else which impacts HMRC (the Treasury is responsible for HMRC actually, there is no 'Minister for Revenue and Customs' - no wonder you feel HMRC connived to get your tax code wrong if you yourself do such a bang-up job of checking basic facts).

  10. @23:05

    Crikey, you actually believe your own organisations bullshit and the reason I trust my MP more than David Gauke is because Gauke doesn't represent me either in views or constituency.

  11. @8 July 2011 00:10

    Nope, just choose not to believe some other peoples!