HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Something For The Weekend - A State of Denial

I will be writing something tomorrow about the recent news re HMRC's performance.

However, in the meantime, I understand (I did not hear it myself, so please tell me if I have this wrong) that George Moody MP said yesterday on The Today Programme (Radio 4) that when Dame Leslie has appeared before the Commons committee before he always thought she was in denial.

Methinks that her opinion will have to change, if she returns to work after her sick leave.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Will be interested to read your post tomorrow Ken, however it can’t be anything that hasn’t been posted here before… and I still don’t believe anything will change.

    Until whatever government is in power realises that those in charge need have to believe in the idea of a public service that is genuinely run for the public (as opposed to SIR David Varney, DAME Leslie and Vodafone Dave and their ilk) then the same ‘mistakes’ will continue to occur.

  2. Ritual humiliation again but will anyone take responsibility for it - nobody at ExCom, that’s for sure. Actually somewhere along the line this can probably be traced to being the fault of staff for (take your pick) - not being positive about change, not seeing ‘the big picture’, not believing in the ‘vision’ of senior management’ etc, etc, etc…

  3. Strathie, Hartnett, Lamey, and co are frankly not fit to manage what were once two highly efficient and highly regarded Departments. I feel so sorry for thr frontline staff who are led by donkeys. And the thing is things will only get worse with further staff reductions and operational practices which are actually counter to good service. They cannot win. Yet still no-one pays the price. Why? I have to conclude that the uiltimate aim of Cameron and co must be the privitisation of the service. And I guess that right now many contributers to this site might raise three cheers for that.
    I'm not so sure because I see the motive being to fill the pockets of their rich friends in the private sector. But thats where we are heading.

  4. Right!


    2. If nothing changes things will get even worse.

    3. We have been at the stage of The Emperors New Clothes for years now, its nothing new, just more people pointing and shouting.

    4. The Management have failed the staff, the customers and the country.

    5. At last the Treasury Select Committee is doing its job and should be given recognition for doing so.

    6. The mainstream press appears to be scenting blood in the water.

    7. You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    8. It looks as though even Joe Public has realised there is no Civil or Sevice in HMRC.

    9. Something needs to be done and quickly to re-establish HMRC as a Government Department not in disrepute.

    10. Why they bother monitoring websites is amazing, try reading the Newspapers to see what has brought HMRC into disrepute.

    Thats my top 10.

    Go for broke Ken, the time is right, set free the Kraken!

  5. Enough, enough, enough!

    Someone must call time on this long running farce.

    It is screwing with the people and that is not right.

    Put someone in charge with a remit to sort it out and make it work. It needs someone who is not afraid to say no, anwers questions that are asked honestly, someone who can motivate without fear, pacesetter or useless statistics.

    Have a look at the worst performing directorates there is a huge story awaiting the light of day.

    Have they got the courage to cancel these stupid awards proposals and ceremonies. They are even self nominating, like self assessment only worse.

    Split it up again and get things sorted or else!

  6. Although Dame Strathie may well be ill and going on a period of extended sick leave, wouldnt it be a convenient opportunity to jump before she is pushed. Being a HMRC employee i am only to aware of how inept and in denial this woman is in running HMRC. I do not wish the woman any ill regards to her health but it would be no loss if she does decide to resign.

  7. "I do not wish the woman any ill regards to her health but it would be no loss if she does decide to resign."

    Don't see why not. Her policies take no account of the health of the rest of the staff.

  8. "Her policies take no account of the health of the rest of the staff."

    Therefore we should sink to her level? Classy.

  9. Forgive them for they knew what they were doing - only obeying orders!

    Watcch the wriggling now peeps!

  10. Strathie isn't in denial, she's just being "protected" from the truth by lying, snivelling, cowardly regional managers who think that ticking boxes and blaming the browbeaten, bullied, stressed junior staff is the right thing to do. I sat with John Terry (look him up)for nearly an hour at his invitation to tell him why staff were so demoralised. He seemed genuinely shocked at what I told him and I thought things might change. He asked me to keep in touch but when I did, he asked the Contact Centre C2 why I was bothering him. That's how it works folks. A cunch of bunts and no mistake!

  11. 31 July @21:14

    I could do that!

  12. 1 Aug @01:51

    I'd be guessing but I doubt Leslie will return after all this....

    By whatever means she exits, I doubt the full details will ever be known, but the one thing that is certain is she will leave with a big wad of cash & a cushy pension

  13. "Therefore we should sink to her level? Classy."

    It's called giving as good as you get. You should try it some time.