HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Delays II - Run Out of Paper

Last week I wrote about HMRC delaying sending out some of the mid-year self assessment statements to taxpayers. Some of my loyal readers at the time posted comments explaining that the delay was down to the fact that HMRC (or rather the organisation that prints the statements) had run out of paper.

I am gratified to see that the Telegraph and the Mirror have picked up on this and written about the paper shortage as well.

My thanks to the loyal readers who brought this problem to the attention of the outside world.

Well done the Mirror and Telegraph for following this site so closely:)

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  1. There was so much shit being bandied about by the management and their Frank Spencer cohorts lower down the chain that they had to raid printers, photocopiers and fax machines to replace the toilet rolls.

    Brown flags should be flown at half mast outside HMRC buildings today.

  2. Yes, BPT is one of the worst bits of software every put out by anyone - it won't even run without that rubbish by Adobe - their Reader! Why not use Preview - it comes as standard on a mac and works wonderfully!

    PDF - Portable document format, - except it's so unportable it has to be Adobe Reader ;-( when the Government becomes involved.

    According to one of the HMRC staff - and I quote - just tell a white lie and the software will be okay! - Ha ha ha!!!!

  3. Now this is pretty basic, but it obviously has the potential to impact on a large number of customers.
    I'm not sure what help Pacesetter would be in these circumstances as there is a lot for it to cope with.
    3 C might need an extra page, but there isn't any paper to spare.
    Perhaaps they should have escalated it somehow, but when you have at least 17 pages of Pacesetter jargon where do you start. Did no-one have the wherwithall to go out and buy some with a corporate credit card. Wonder wht the credit rating of HMRC is?
    At least Kens site is making the nationals and thats good for business and will attract some advertising which attracts more posters etc.
    So if they are getting the very basics wrong what about the more complex issues, it will all come out in the wash.
    No amount of obfuscation is going to prevent that.
    So all you doubting Thomasses out there explain this one away!

  4. "...It is understood that officials failed to increase the paper order in line with an unexpected rise in the number of statements being issued this year..."

    Utter horseshit!!

    They didn't order the paper to cut costs..
    they expected people to do it online without telling them that they really don't want a paper statement as it costs too much money...
    & we can't really afford to send you one
    ... by the way did we mention how quicker, efficient & cheaper it is for us for you to do it online!!

    Pacesetter & the customer centric business strategy at its finest I think!

  5. "... by the way did we mention how quicker, efficient & cheaper it is for us for you to do it online!!"

    I still want written confirmation to confirm that what I put in is what comes out the other end. HMRC and IT are not the best bed fellows after all.

  6. @19:33

    Putting it their way...

    "We would prefer it if you used our Electronic channel for this particular part of your customer journey!"

    If you would prefer to use paper, that will take a little bit longer!

  7. "If you would prefer to use paper, that will take a little bit longer!"

    Do you mean a couple of days longer? lol

  8. If you send a paper return you have to send it in months before the online equivalent I believe?
    Otherwise the heavy mob will be around...
    Now is that incentive, coercion, abuse of power, it sure ain't customer centric whatever you call it.
    Don't forget the 103rd are committed to cutting paper useage - some home when so much is duplicated physically on paper even though it is all there on the e.idolIT thing!
    Yes, the lunatics have control of the asylum.