HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 17 December 2012

HMRC Takes The Peace

HMRC tweeted this "idiosyncratic" tweet earlier this morning:
"Hi HMRC’s followers, just to let you know HMRC have decided to stop tweeting about tax today and instead all look for inner peace xoxo."
No, the Twitter account hadn't been hacked nor had HMRC taken some illicit substance.

It is in fact part of an advertising campaign to encourage people who have yet to file their return online to do so now, and thus find "inner peace".

"The campaign has been developed to touch on the emotions that HMRC found people typically experience after they have filled in their tax return, often described as a real sense of relief or peace of mind – like a weight being lifted from their shoulders. The new ads feature people from different professions experiencing this feeling of post-return well-being."
Needless to say if you miss the deadline there will be no "inner peace," merely a £100 late submission fine (at the very least)!

I am curious to hear from loyal readers their feelings on this matter, when you have filed your return (be it online or on paper) what emotion do you feel?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. When I read the tweet earlier this morning I thought the HMRC Twitter account had been hacked.

    What sort of mumbo jumbo is this?

    My reply was "When you're up to your a**e in alligators it's hard to remember your aim is to drain the swamp"

  2. Come, let us join hands, we are all in this together, we call it the FGF (feel good factor) it works well on those susceptible to it.
    So whilst the system is shafting you with paying ever more for ever less in return, it wants you to, and I mean this most sincerely folks, feel all the better for being compliant (duped, fooled, brainwashed, bamboozled).
    I would suggest that HMRC cease forthwith the spouting of such utter codswallop and gets itself back to basics.
    I can just imagine some lunatic pacesetter nerd having come up all glassy eyed with the suggestion, unless, perish the thought, they have paid someone to come up with the idea?!
    Whatever next, the company song every morning in the car park, deskercise, communal hymn singing for the troops (too Christian), seasonal feelgood recipes with the tax demands, maybe seasonal costumes for the debt management agents "Hi, my name is Balthazar and these are my colleagues Caspar and Melchior, I don't care if the pub is empty along with the till, give us the money!"
    Better still what about not celebrating Xmas cos the decorations interfere with the fire detection systems. What, you mean the phones, computers, printers, neon lights and crap don't?
    Couldn't dream it up could you?

    Wishing all Ken's readers, Stew included, seasonal politically correct felicitations, and as Dave Allen used to say, "May your God go with you".
    Merry Christmas

  3. All tax nazis should be executed without fail. We fought a war to prevent being taken over by a State system that terroises their own people - only to find that the `HMRC has taken over the combined role of Gestapo/Stasi etc.

    Their overzealous thug like behaviour means that the taxpayers should basically take to the streets and lynch the bastards. You wouldn't know that they and the Government works for the people - we work for those money grabbing bastards is their attitude. Time to rebel. Hang 'em all!

    1. Oooohhhh -get you ducky.

      Sounds like someone's been on the wrong end of an investigation..........

  4. Hi,

    all too true of what I have read. The biggest problem is, why can no one slam the breaks on ? Surely there must be greater powers in this country than HMRC(unts). Why don't I read about a penalty/fine given to Google or Starbucks ?
    Don't let them do to you what A.H. did to the germans not all too long ago as this sounds very much like dictatorship to me rather than s.o.c.i.a.l. s.t.a.t.e. WTF is happening to this country ???

  5. HMRC do not care about the law as many previous posts have proved. They are above the law and have no higher authority to answer to, be that Ombudsmen, IPCC, HSE, HMIC, Parliament or anything else remotely with authority.
    The management believe they are untouchable, an attitude stemming from the worst of the pre-merger days and HMC&E Investigators, a law unto themselves, if you don't believe me look on Linkedin or similar and see where some of them have ended up.
    You don't need to look for conspiracy theories with this lot, they produce them for you, regularly.
    Also, don't forget, it is not their money so they don't care, even if taken to court, the costs is paid by the taxpayer, as well as the costs as they usually lose or take it to the wire and settle on the court steps.
    The average Joe on the street has not got a clue as to how much money these inefficient berks have wasted, talk about crisis management, its like watching headless chickens.
    Wake up out there, public and politicians alike.

    1. Yep,HMRC should pay for legal action out of the individual salaries of civil servants...........Is that REALLY what you are suggesting, you total twunt.

      PS. Mamy previous posts PROVE nothing. You have made loads, and they are almost exclusively complete crap.

  6. Mmmm

    Made the breakfast news then good old HMRC. as the HMRC Latest article on your sidebanner notes it is costing "customers" (it is a "Gruniad" article after all!)

    Pacesetter your way out of this mess Homer!

    Tis the season to be jolly, Ho Ho Ho!

  7. absolute cunts....months waiting for my rebate, and still no sign of it, yet the illegals and scroungers always get their handouts.....cunts