HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Jolly Junket To Pakistan

I am gemused to read that HMRC are sending some of its experts to Pakistan to offer advice on how to increase its tax take.

No, this isn't a late April Fools' joke!

Seemingly Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, believes that helping Pakistan raise more tax could have a benefit for Britain; as it would enable the UK Government to scale back aid payments.

Errmm, here's a couple of "radical" suggestions:

1 Why don't we simply stop paying aid to Pakistan?

2 Why don't the HMRC experts stay at home, and help advise HMRC resolve its own issues wrt tax collection?

I trust and assume that the junket team will be avoiding areas that are prone to drone strikes?
Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Pakistan, isn't that the country that...?

    Yeaah, right!

    What about all those cash based non-compliant industries in the NW of the country, try there first, then there would be all those "charities" that aren't, not sure their record on 'uman rights is that good and then there's the question about the way they treat their wimmin, freedom to express religious beliefs let alone anything to do with LGBT

    Good call HMRC associating with that, doesn't quite equate to all your arseperations and mission statements somehow and it won't save you from the iceberg that awaits

  2. Most of the drones are in Excom

  3. Of course being a Muslim country there will be no swilling from the claret, and as for eating in public with a female that is not your wife or relative, well there you go.
    Pakistan is the largest recipient of UK foreign aid according to The Mail (depends on your definition of foreign aid, would it include e.g. Tax evaded in UK - and don't for 1 nanosecond believe it isn't, in fact I would wager the Tax evaded exceeds the foreign aid bill by a hefty ratio.
    As with most things associated with HMRC these days there is a certain aroma emanating and its not fecking rose petals.

  4. No matter what HMG might state or wish the reality is usually somewhat different, in this case the HMRC advisors may find they have an uphill task...
    from The Express Tribune December 2012

    1. Remember where you heard it first as this story hit mainstream media today. Seems HMG & HMRC forgot to do their basic research before opening mouth and putting foot in it.

      Rather than continue their zen seeking travels into the Indian sub-continent perhaps HMRC should be concentrating efforts closer to home?

  5. Not too dissimilar to the UK on some ways, except that in the UK they submit returns but place their money outside the reach of the system.

    Of course if the advisors manage to get officialdom to submit tax returns, even if they are NIL, that will be considered a success for "compliance".