HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 5 December 2014


Milsted Langdon, a firm of accountants, is warning anyone relying on HMRC guidance published online to keep printouts or screengrabs to protect them in case they are subject to an investigation.

The reason for the firm's concern is the fact that information migrated from HMRC and other government department websites to the new website has been simplified and abridged; often with incomplete or misleading advice.

Rob Chedzoy, Tax Partner at Milsted Langdon, is quoted by the Bristol Post:
"Anyone who has looked something up on and then acted on the information, or decided they don't need to do anything based on what they have read, are recommended to have proof of the guidance they relied on in the event of a dispute with HMRC.

While HMRC will amend guidance as soon as it is aware it is incorrect, this is of no use to someone who has relied on any incorrect information given, especially if they are unaware that this guidance has subsequently been amended.

Therefore, to prove beyond doubt what the guidelines said at the time it was relied upon, taking screenshots or printing-out the guidance and date-stamping them is important for evidential purposes.

Our advice to every taxpayer is simple; before making any decision or relying on HMRC guidance, speak to a qualified accountant."
Despite the fact that in two legal cases, judges have stated that if the tax authority has made a clear and unambiguous statement on a matter, then any person acting on that information should be able to rely on it, and that Milsted has a vested interest in drumming up trade, its advice (wrt checking with a tax professional) is sound given that HMRC has history wrt acting in its own interests.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. These shit heads are allowed to make a complete balls up of EVERYTHING and still YOU are held accountable!
    FOR F@CK SAKE someone put these idiots on a far shorter leash!

  2. They were pathetic some years ago, I had to advise their Law Enforcement Higher Officer manager working on a national approach to address what was/is a huge problem ( for some reason?) to establish a long term sickness absence strategy to wake up Excommunicated to the fact that the DDA had be overtaken by The Equality Act 2010. Even then they could not get it anywhere near right and I possess a copy of a letter from Links Homer to my MP stain thar she, Homer, was satisfied that HMRC were compliant with the DDA. This letter dated some time after the Equality Act was in use! Pathetic really, but what do you expect.
    All this went to Hodge and the PAC as well as "Dear old Amyas Morse's" NAO.
    Incompetent, pathetic, useless all.

  3. Excommunicated = Excom, should be excommunicated though and banned from any house of God!

  4. If they were pathetic years ago, and you had to advise their Law Enforcement Higher Officer manager what are the LOWER higher officers up to speed on?Pathetic, useless and not fit for purpose

  5. Civil service grades in HMRC, descending order

    HO=Higher Officer= SEO or Senior Executive Officer or Surveyor in Customs
    SO=Senior Officer = HO or Higher Executive Office
    O= Officer or Executive Office
    AO=Assistant Office
    AA=Administrative Assistant

    HO/SO are next to useless, which is defined as anyone above SO a and particularly useless are the Excom bunch.
    Totally useless is traditionally reserved for the likes of Homer and her predecessor Hartnett.
    Absolutely feck in useless is reserved for the tw@t that thought the whole thing up in the first place, but then he won't be an MP for much longer.

    1. I like the cut of your jib! so what you're really saying is that:
      HMRC is f@cked
      the system is facked
      Joe public is ficked
      and no one that can do anything about it gives a fock!!

    2. Actually SO is higher than HO, but what use are facts and knowledge when you just want to display an IQ vacuum...

      That said, I do agree, Excom are pretty useless, as was Hartnett & is Homer.

    3. Yep, well done Pike, thought even you would spot that one!

      Now, about this IQ vacuum thing, is this another piece of underhand trickery from the Germans or does it qualify me for an Excom role?

      But seriously, thanks for pointing out my error, it was getting late in the day and I hadn't had my cocoa at the time.

      As for the cut of my jib, I don't have a clew what you are talking about but expect you are having a bit of a luff really, ready about, lee oh! Here comes a low IQ on starboard tack with right of way!

    4. IQ vacuum, what's wrong with a Dyson?
      Mind you 'they' do say that whilst nothing sucks like an Electrolux, you definately cannot beat a good Goblin, even though Smeg is expensive!

    5. HO, SO, makes no difference, having one of these in charge is depriving some village of its idiot and the only reason any staff would follow them is out of idle curiosity!

      Not to be trusted to wipe the whiteboard let alone make decisions. Hub time everyone...zzzzzzzz

  6. Leaving aside Mensa and any allusions towards Tales From The Riverbank, The Which Guide to Vacuum Cleaners, Dad's Army or even the Law, one thing Iis certain about HMRC - it is a reflection of the world we live in and society as a whole, nothing more, nothing less.

    Do not expect the lying, deceitful and perjury inclined bunch of self centred greedy people that infest the House of Commons to shift their position anytime soon, it just will not happen. Although, there is an outside chance that with an election looming their hand might just be forced, expect UKIP to pick up on the disaster that is HMRC before Xmas, and then watch the doors revolve.
    Westminster Abbey for someone's leaving do?

  7. It could be an interesting run up to the election. Salmon has rightly scented Labour blood North of the border, with up to is it 40 seats at risk? No wonder he is heading for Parliament.
    Libdems are facing extinction.
    Cons will take a few losses.
    UKIP may well fly into double figures.
    SNP will not entertain a coilition with the Cons.

    So what will this mean for Homer & Co LLP?
    I suspect that either Salmond or Farage, or maybe both will work out how much the Muppets have and are costing the country due to utter incompetence and mismanagement. Once they work that out and realise the potential votes available to someone brave enough to call for a complete overhaul Homer & Co are feck because the current incumbents will be panicked into being seen to do something.

    Never mind the revolving door scenario, this could be a true night of the long knives with quite a few casualties!

    It's not only HMRC that monitors Ken's site, the Politico's do so as well. The intimation and reporting of current court failings shows that even the establishment has had enough.

    1. IF HMRC monitor this site, and I agree they do. then THEY know all the problems from independent sources and have still failed to take action to investigate and resolve those issues. coupled with internal surveys reports etc, it shows denial, stupidity, selective amnesia, and total incompetence.
      The HMRC isn't being managed it is rudderless and drift!
      This is a feast of a topic for Panorama, Watchdog, and the like.

    2. The BBC or British Bullshite Corporation are nowt but a tool of the establishment. They won't be taking a pop at the Muppets any time soon, and on this I would dearly like to be proved incorrect!

      Still surprised at the trolling that the site experienced not so long ago with trumpets sounding an in-depth reporter led inquiry, wonder where that originated?

    3. patience is a virtue. nuff said

    "A description of the goods and their method of packing. The description should be acceptable to the consignor and consignee. For security reasons, you do not always want the carrier to be able to identify valuable goods".
    So basically tell the driver he's carrying fluffy toys load him up with DRUGS, SPIRITS, TOBACCO and send him on his way!!!!!