HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

HMRC Is Farking Awesome

Well done HMRC, after conducting a survey of 145 people (that's a statistically reliable size isn't it?), it has concluded that it's doing well.

The survey, entitled "HMRC Stakeholder Engagement Research 2014", was carried out by ICM Research Ltd (ICM). Its objective was to:

1. Explore how stakeholders view HMRC compared to previous years, in order to track the impact of its efforts to improve its reputation

2. Evaluate attitudes towards HMRC’s communication and engagement with stakeholders to inform future stakeholder communications

3. Identify what HMRC can do to improve and what its role should look like in the future.

The results indicated that:
"Favourability has increased since last year and is driven, in particular, by close working relationships between stakeholders and HMRC . Those who feel that HMRC listens, understands and responds to their views are significantly more likely to be favourable. Corporate stakeholders, who have more regular contact with HMRC, are generally more positively disposed towards the department....

..stakeholders regularly praise HMRC’s senior leadership team and feel that it is increasingly willing to listen to, and engage with, stakeholders, but cite customer service, the digitisation of services and a lack of dynamism as key weaknesses."
I'm gobsmacked!

Clearly everything is absolutely fine (based on a survey of 145 people).

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  1. Anyone treating anything this bunch of halfwits spout as credible should be working for the tw@ts!

    Let everyone understand this clearly - where 100 people have given their feedback on one part of the HMRC debacle I.e. The Which analysis of helpline access, that figure is deemed not representative. Where 125 give their views that is representative. WTF? !

    Interesting though, stakeholders ( are these customers as well, if so, why not call them so? "...cite customer service, the digitisation of services and a lack of dynamism as key weaknesses."

    Hoist by their own petard?

    As previously stated, they would come last in a 1 horse race.

    Farking unbelievable.

  2. Quote>.stakeholders regularly praise HMRC’s senior leadership team and feel that it is increasingly willing to listen to, and engage with, stakeholders,<End Quote

    Fantastic. Perhaps the senior leadership team should willingly listen to their members of staff, who clearly feel the opposite of them. But then their staff won't give them a job like Stakeholdrs when they dump HMRC.

  3. I wonder who the 145 people were. ExCom and their families perhaps?

    1. The details are in the survey, click on the link in the article.

    2. MPs, journalists and large companies.
      The conclusion sort of writes off MPs who deal with HMRC when their constituents have a grievance, essentially stating that those with the most contact praise HMRC.

      What is wholly priceless though is that it concludes by stating the press office should form close relationships with journalists. This in the same week a trial concerning an officer of the department taking a sizable bribe from a Sun journalist concluded.

    3. Quantitative survey:
       20 parliamentarians
       96 corporate stakeholders

      In-depth interviews:
       12 journalists
       4 parliamentarians
       13 corporate stakeholders

      So that is not exactly representative of the general run of HMRC dealings with the great unwashe.....sorry customer, is it??

    4. facking idiots have got us under their thump and if they ever let us go we'd rip them a new arse hole !!!
      facking spineless pricks!!!