HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

HMRC Aspires To Havoc

As loyal readers know, HMRC's Aspire contract is regularly given a sound and well deserved kicking by various organs (eg NAO).

This time it falls to PAC to kick the bloated corpse that is Aspire.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has warned that HMRC faces an “enormous challenge” in adapting its IT services contract, a change that could cause “havoc” to public finances.

New contract rules set out by the Cabinet Office will require HMRC to move to a short-term contracting model.

Richard Bacon, PAC member and Conservative MP for South Norfolk, is quoted by economia:
HMRC faces an enormous challenge in moving to a new contracting model by 2017, with many short-duration contracts with multiple suppliers, and appears complacent given the scale of the transformation required. 

Moreover, HMRC’s record in managing IT contractors gives us little confidence that HMRC can successfully achieve this transition or that it can manage the proposed model effectively to maximise value for money.” 
He added that HMRC appeared “overly complacent” given the scale of the required transformation.
Failure to collect taxes efficiently would create havoc with the public finances.”
PAC recommended that HMRC develops and produces a realistic plan as to how it would – along with the Cabinet Office – implement the transition.

HMRC are not worried. An HMRC spokesperson said:
We are making significant progress in preparing for a smooth and effective transition from the Aspire contract, which will give HMRC control over the development and delivery of digital services and enable us to make efficiencies of up to 25 per cent by 2021. 

We have already opened one new HMRC digital delivery centre in Newcastle, and have plans for others to increase our in-house digital capability, and in December we agreed an amendment to Aspire which allows us to contract services directly with major IT suppliers.”
No worries then!

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  1. Thank goodness!!! HMRC have it all in hand, our financies are safe in the hands of Lin Homer. *Sigh* I'm so relieved.

  2. This is borderline farce in the making. The contract currently has not been capable of connecting the threads of data despite Aspire being singularly responsible. Now the feckwits in Govt. and HMRC management are going to factor in more layers and joins to add to the mess.
    Traincrash in the making, and it's our money, but don't worry, as ever, all the wasted
    billions are nothing to do with the tax gap, they just help create and maintain it.

  3. if HMRC was a private business it would be bankrupt years ago!!!!!!!!!!
    We ALL know its a 'government business run for profit' to collect fines, penalty notices, council tax V.A.T. HMRC is like the banks..... they are too big to close down for criminal negligence and total unlawful activity. So we ALL just carry on with the CLUSTER FACK!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you. Council Tax may well be a CLASTER FACK - but HMRC doesn't collect it or administer it!!!!! It's the COUNCILS!!

    2. sorry my mistake...... they are part of
      take a look into the 'SYSTEM' of fees, fines, penalties, etc and you'll soon see the con we are being peddled!!!!

    3. kick the 'SYSTEM' in the nuts!
      RETURN ALL FINES PENALTIES SUMMONS, etc with this written clearly on the envelope.
      Do this and they are powerless. ALL the above are INVITATIONS for you to CONTRACT with them.
      WHEN YOU DONT they cant do ANYTHING.
      these guys are using ACTS, and to use an ACT against you, YOU have to AGREE ie CONTRACT with them!!!!!
      They'll try to push it but I say again

  4. A monumental FUBAR is immenant, why not get rid of that walking disaster by 2017 while we are at it.... oh she probably has her next plum job already lined up in readiness.