HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 15 January 2016

Lin Homer So Deserves Her Damehood!

My thanks to a loyal reader, who penned me an email today concerning Homer's recent elevation to Damehood.

So annoyed at the elevation was he, that he wrote to his MP who then passed on the letter to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat which was replied to by a Team Leader of Honours Operations.

Here is an extract of the response:
"Honours nominations are considered by one of 9 honours committees, each chaired by and comprising a majority of independent members who are selected after open advertising. The chairs of the 9 honours committees then take their recommendations to the Main Honours Committee and agree the final list for submission through the PM, to the Queen.

The nomination for Lin Homer, like any other, was considered on merit by the relevant independent committee, in this case the State Committee. The Committees are particularly concerned to recognise those who have gone beyond their jobs and who put something back into society to their profession. 

This is particularly the case for candidates on the State Committee's list........

DAME COMMANDER OF THE ORDER OF THE BATH Linda Margaret Homer CB Lin Homer has a track record in taking on some of the toughest and highest profile jobs in government. 

Having transformed Suffolk and Birmingham County Councils, she ran immigration and asylum services in the Home Office for more than five years. 

As Permanent Secretary of the Department for Transport, she guided the department through the highly complex HS2 consultations. 

Now Chief Executive of HM Revenue and Customs, she has met the department’s financial targets with fewer staff and improved staff engagement figures. She supports the Alzheimer’s Society, the Business Disability Forum and the Speakers for Schools initiative

I regret I am not able to comment further on individual awards. 

I can only offer my assurance that honours committee consider nominations very carefully before making their recommendations and expect to see individuals going beyond expectations in their contribution to their profession, community and/or public life."
I wonder if these people are living on the same planet as the rest of us?

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  1. There must be more than 1 Homer in existence, perhaps it was the doppleganger that deserved the nomination?

    wiki definition; 'is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck.'

  2. I assume that "improved staff engagement figures" this is mainly due to the reduction in staff during her tenure. Or were the figures really, really bad before she joined HRMC?

    1. Yes they were really bad before and may have increased a few points in the last few years, but given the lack of trust on how the findings will be used staff participation has been woeful.
      Add to the mix the thousands of staff made redundant, replaced by newcomers who were coached into giving more positive responses!

  3. Does the track record include real railway track or was that debacle deliberately shunted to one side like the rest of the rolling stock? That's VIRGIN on the rediculous shurely?

  4. She deserves to be thrown into the street and pelted with rocks....a shameless, devious and self serving woman.

  5. Haven't these tossers ever heard of Google!!!

  6. Shouldn't that be met financial targets by reducing staff, whilst missing every other target!

  7. Truly unbelievable!!!

  8. Must have friends on the committee. Reads like a hmrc competency based job application for someone unable to do the job. Made up lies lies lies lies. Oh ok you got the job........

  9. Under the 'only positive news is allowed' mantra, the committee probably had no choice but to do as instructed by those above and completely ignore what is undisputed public knowledge. I wonder how you get on one and how independent they really are. Keith Vaz and Margaret Hodge should go public with their thoughts on the matter. In some ways, we're more like Putin's Russia than people care to admit and the current government is fast becoming the most dictatorial we've ever had, emboldened by the fact the Opposition is a shambles.

    1. Nah! Nothing like Russia.....
      More like a banana republic !!!

    2. Vaz already had his chance when the Raytheon fiasco at the Borders Agency unravelled.

      The normal play is to point out the most senior Civil Servant you can attach to it and pin the blame squarely on them. (Whether deserved or not, though I think most here would agree richly deserved in this case.) It started out as normal: Vaz on TV noisily proclaiming that the responsible parties would be found. Then... Nothing.

      It's like she's got some serious dirt on everyone.

      Reminds me of something from the New Statesman: -Holds up a picture- "It is a difficult angle, isn't it? The man on the left is very high up in Scotland Yard. The man on the right is very high up in the man on the left."

  10. Read this drivel...coming to a HMRC office near you :

    1. WTF?! Lessons in how not to be grumpy from a Canuck FFS!
      Be having lessons in job security from Excom twats next or maybe how to describe yourself as not useless when appearing in front of a PAC (shout louder than the MP shouting at you).
      You could not make this crap up.

    2. Would this latest 'snake oil salesman' be the same person who states he is a partner in 'Crucial Conversation'?
      If so that would be interesting on a number of facets;
      I sense the force is strong this one in and feel the strength of the evangelist.
      For the teachings of Crucial Conversation and its tentacles to be effective it looks as though one must first be able to effectively listen and 'establish safety and create a shared pool of meaning (WTF?)
      Look out for some more additions to the bullshit bingo cards;
      4 ways that require increasing efforts and time;
      1. Command
      2. Consult
      3. Vote
      4. Establish consensus
      Crucial conversations model is based on honesty, respect and courage,
      the model is simple, applicable and highly effective (just like farking snake oil)

      So they you are HMRC managers and Excom - get onside, update your BS Bingo cards and prepare to improve engagement.

      Sorry, readers, gotta stop typing at this point, laughing too much!

  11. Every chairperson of HMRC or Inland Revenue has been knighted, expect Paul Gray who fell on his sword over a security incident

    1. Probably the last honourable HMRC leader

  12. Seriously Ken...
    If I was your loyal reader I would be writing back to his / her M.P. Stating the response was pure bunkum ... & the evidence is out there to prove it!

    1. You'r not, I am, she already knows and has seen it, as infact has the PAC and the NAO.

      In fact MP has previously been in contact with Homer and knows the full 'SP'(picture).

      As has been previously stated it needs the keyboard warriors to step up to the plate or STFU.

  13. In order to 'grow the business' HMRC must have effective management. In order to be an effective manager you have to practice (not talk) the art of effective listening i.e. hear what is being said, not what you want to hear.
    Then you must have the ability to do something about what is being said, if it is at all possible, practical and ethical.
    The idiots that toe the party line surrounding Lean/Pacesetter and all the rest of the crap that is CURRENTLY in vogue do little to help 'grow the business'.
    Both departments that merged into the abomination that is HMRC had some good as well as bad managers. The good ones were good, and have all gone, the bad ones stayed and are running HMRC, albeit into the ground.
    They need someone strong enough to say 'your fired!' to the likes of Homer and Excom, and also to stop any more of these goddamned snake oil sellers getting a foot in the door.
    Don't forget - IIP stood for Idiots In Power.
    Roll on the revolution!

  14. The fucking cow is laughing at us.....

  15. And a sterling display at last weeks PAC