HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Release The Hounds - HMRC Target The Elderly

On the subject of debt collectors, it seems that (according to This is Money) HMRC have been a wee bit quick off the mark to send in debt collectors to collect small amounts of tax credits etc overpaid many years ago.

Apparently, HMRC is setting debt collectors on unsuspecting taxpayers without any prior warning. Pensioners and families are receiving threatening letters out of the blue from debt recovery agents demanding immediate payment. Elderly people are being hounded for debts that are more than a decade old, and other diligent taxpayers are being wrongly harassed after the tax office botched some of its calculations.

The amounts are usually small, and those affected often have no idea that they owe a penny. However, instead of a letter advising taxpayers they need to make a payment, officials are calling in debt collectors.

My Twitter chum Elaine Clark, managing director of CheapAccounting, hits the nail firmly on the head:
"HMRC should be going after big firms who have failed to pay their tax, not pensioners over £200 dating back from years ago that they didn’t realise they owed."
Unfortunately, low hanging fruit are always the easiest and most tempting to pick!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. This would have never happened in the days of the Inland Revenue. However in the era of the HMRC, the department they have no morals. Shame on them for bullying the elderly while allowing others to get away with it. It may not endear the senior management to many friends amongst the chattering classes, but maybe they should should instead robustly target the criminals committing tax credit FRAUD(stealing) and offshore tax evaders, rather than people who have contributed to society all their lives and have no doubt been overpaid peanuts because of hmrc's errors?

  2. With the possibility of Brexit and the consequential end of the MARD tax collection arrangement those elderly people being hounded by HMRC may well choose to do a runner to another country.