HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 16 September 2016

Rewarding Failure

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted a link to an article in the Independent about Concentrix:
"Figures obtained by Labour MP Louise Haigh show that Concentrix is failing on 120 out of 1625 minimum performance indicators set out in the contract – yet has still already been paid £15.8m in commission.

With the contract only set to end in May 2017 the company will still reap tens of millions of pounds in payments from the three-year contract – despite a so-called “payment by results” system. The total contract pays a total of between £55m and £75m depending on performance indicators met."
This of course is not unique as HMRC enjoys rewarding failure, eg Lin Homer.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. The BBC reports that HMRC were "close" to signing a new contract with Concentrix before they broke the story of the errors earlier this week. There we have it then, as usual with HMRC all is not as it seemed... inadequate supervision of the contract and it took the excellent work of the BBC to shine a light on it all... Concentrix, their staff and the tax credit claimants caught up in this seem to have been treated shabbily. HMRC for their part are yet to comment... no doubt the spin department are busy at 'work' and some gongs are being lined up...

  2. They can spin like Twizzle but they will never be capable of negotiating contracts that dont hold any more water than a sieve.
    Prats, unfit to run a cake stall.
    Off to pick up Dame Margarets book and read avidly.
    What page is the bit about the IPCC on?

  3. Jon Thompson tried to present himself as the 'hero', the new CEO taking control when he retweeted Martin Lewis' announcement of the contract being ended. The reality is HMRC were close to signing up again, how disingenuous. How do they expect us to trust them to deal with our tax affairs when dishonesty seems to be a casual occurrence at hmrc???

  4. Currently dealing with Concentrix of whom Dorothy Brown CBE is shown as a director on their letter head. Disgusting, disgusting robbing bastards supported by the incompetent idiots running HMRC.

    1. Its difficult to criticise Concentrix really as the blame rests entirely with the incompetents 'running' HMRC - lets not forget it turns out HMRC were ready to renew, now having had the light shone on them by the BBC they're having to redeploy 150 staff... no doubt that's a longer wait on the phone now for those who want to pay some tax to pay for it all - you couldn't make this shambles up.

  5. To anonymous at 15.53. Are you sure Dorothy Brown is shown as a director? That would seem irregular in the extreme if not downright corrupt?

  6. Can't seem to find any reference using independant means, poster needs to put up or shut up. Unless of course the Directorship is that of HMRC being quoted on Concentrix letterhead?
    Should be easy enough to prove one way of the other,(2)!
    Plus, if you think any of the foregoing is bad enough, you never looked at the Directors of Idiots In Power, sorry, IiP.