HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Making Tax Digital Delayed

It appears that Making Tax Digital will be delayed, for businesses, until 2019.

Addressing the HMRC annual conference, Jane Ellison (finance secretary to the Treasury) is quoted by CCH Daily:
"You told us that even slightly larger businesses might need more time to prepare for the new system, so we have proposed deferring the introduction of any changes to 2019 for those businesses too."
What about the issue of quarterly updating of online tax records?

She didn't address that!

Ellison said having an online account which can be accessed any time from any device would make life more straightforward for millions of people and businesses.
"They will even be able to spread their payments by just paying as they go, if that’s easier for them.

And they’ll know what they owe as they go along – not get any, nasty or nice, surprises when the annual tax bill drops through the letterbox.

And it’s just not right that our tax service should lag behind – stuck in an age of paperwork, letters and phone calls.

That’s why we want HMRC to offer all our customers a top quality, fully digital service alongside its existing services."
She said the government had made the necessary ‘big billion pound investment’ to do MTD, while HMRC had ‘the talent, know-how and determination to do it’.

High hopes indeed!

What could possibly go wrong?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. "It's just not right that our tax service should lag behind" - really???? Does the minister not realise that HMRC are still too timid to routinely use email? And they still manage to lose letters sent in the post. The minister has high hopes indeed, but I would expect this be another HMRC failure - lets wait and see.

  2. But hmrc's own computer systems fail to function properly daily. They cant even cope with hot desking with hours of downtime.
    One suspects any delay is because nothing 'digital' ever works. Still they can always blame our head of IT who has left the building....

    1. Its not just the computer system, the whole of HMRC fails to function properly daily. Most of the time its just about held together by a minority of dedicated frontline staff on whom they rely and take for granted. A completely inefficient and wasteful department 'run' by people well out of their depth, it needs urgent reform and privatisation of more of their work should be considered.

    2. Too much hmrc time is wasted eating cakes, standing at tea points all day, playing bingo, reading pointless emails, standing around whiteboards, bullying, compiling stats and sitting in endless rounds of pointless meetings. All endorsed by management as 'team building' apparently so those who want to get on with real work have to be careful - it ends up consuming over 90% of time and so its little wonder performance is so poor.