HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

HMRC "The Most Corrupt Business In Britain"

Here are Sam Allardyce's views on HMRC, as per the Telegraph:
The most corrupt business in our country would be what?

You’ll be shocked when I tell you this – HMRC.

They fly out tax demands without any real knowledge whether they should or shouldn’t.

They just put ‘em out willy-nilly and if you pay them, people s--- themselves and pay them.

Then they go to their accountant and say, and if you’ve got a s--- accountant, the account s---- himself and says, well you must owe them, you had better pay it.

Most of the punters don’t owe it. In fact most of the punters, actually the taxman owes them money. 

But because the country’s so skint, they come to government and say we’re skint, government says we’re skint how we gonna get the money. Let’s change the laws and let’s just fly out these demands.

If you invested in this tax scheme, where they pay the tax back, for investing in new businesses, or in regeneration zones, do you know what I mean, in current poverty areas.

But HMRC, you have to pay it back even if you don’t owe it.

The most corrupt, it’s the most corrupt business in the country at the minute, HMRC”.
Well I suspect the the most corrupt business in Britain is in fact football, but hey ho feel free to disabuse me of that.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Corrupt? Steady on, Fat Sam, don't you think that's taking things a bit far? 'Incompetent and morally bankrupt' would surely be nearer the mark.

  2. An observation: within 24 hours of newspaper allegations, the Football Association made a decision and he had left by mutual consent. Allardyce for his part had the good manners to acknowledge the issues publically. That's a far cry from how HMRC resolves issues in their organisation and they could learn a lot from the FA. Agree with the above that HMRC are morally bankrupt.

  3. Tommy Wright ex Barnsley Assistant mabsger sacked today after taking an alleged bung of £5000. Hope for his sake he declared it to HMRC.

    1. On that type of figure, tax of around £1k probably does not even get close to covering the cost of HMRC's away days at iconic football stadiums.

  4. Methinks Sam's been on the receiving end of an App!

  5. No taxpayer or accountant would find an APN acceptable. Anyone who believes in the rule of the law can see the problem, HMRC are not an entirely trustworthy or honest outfit, and it is wrong that they are given such excessive powers without judicial oversight. Perhaps it is indeed an APN which would create the perception of being corrupt? In the 21st century people no longer have trust in organisations just because they're in a position of 'authority'. TRUST has to be earned, whoever you are, and HMRC really do not help themselves. An INDEPENDENT review of their powers might restore a tiny amount of trust in the shambolic outfit.

    1. ...and it does not help gain trust when people can see HMRC senior management enjoying away days at Arsenal and Chelsea, AT OUR EXPENSE, while we the TAXPAYERS are being given a message of 'austerity' and facing long NHS waits in return for the money WE PAY IN.

    2. To 30/9 08:22 & 08:25 TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP. Government should order an independent investigation into HMRC's behaviour followed a public inquiry. We must call time on HMRC misconduct!

  6. Time to join the dots;
    HMRC awaydays at Premier League clubs and secret tax deals for football millionaires - WTF is going on in there.
    C'mon Mrs May, put your foot down and get a witchfinder general in there.
    Something stinks!
    Who was it said @we are all in this together'.?
    Oh, and don't forget the HMRC managers taking early 'retirement' and coming back off the books a couple of years ago.

    1. According to the newspaper HMRC have said they do not do "deals". Its up to people to make their own judgment on that but it does look very dodgy. They really are shameless. Time for that investigation to review everything from the bullying and misconduct, right through to the alleged secret tax deals.

    2. FFS HMRC awaydays at Premier League Clubs and secret deals for 'football millionaires' - really what IS going on in there??

    3. At least with Covid-19 we don't have to worry about HMRC wasting our cash on away days at football clubs!

      They are still wasting are money though: Field Force staff have been sat at home on FULL PAY since last March. Wow. Just wow. Parasites.

  7. I can confirm that the current Chief Executive of HMRC sent a letter to my local Member of Parliament which had dishonest intent and he totally ignored evidence of offences committed by HMRC staff under the Data Protection Act and Commissioner's for Revenue & Customs Act 2005. We found his total dismissal of it to be the actions of a bully.