HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 21 August 2017

HMRC Rigs Staff Surveys - Latest Update

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted an update the other day as to the ongoing staff survey rigging that appears to be endemic within HMRC:
"2017 Staff Survey latest :We are now being "coached" on how to fill in the survey.....we are being told that if we are going to answer negatively to a question then there are 4 other questions we must look at before deciding...if we answer "yes" to any of these then the overall question becomes positive and therefore a "yes" couldn't make this shit up.This survey is "voluntary"...however each manager will be asked to submit how many of thier staff took part in it for "engagement" purposes.

I never filled in these forms but now because of these underhand tactics i will...just to stick it up them....they are a shower of bastards !!!
Please feel free (if you are able) to share your experiences of the ongoing staff survey rigging in HMRC.

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  1. Posted this last Friday morning, wish I'd done the lottery now!

    The HMRC staff surveys have been subjected to moving goalposts and scoring systems for some years.
    However, despite "...The Piper Pays The Tune" scenario HMRC have been unable to obscure the reality reported by their workforce. Truth will always out and when you consider the threats made to close offices and also against staff by use of the performance management non-system, it is a surprise that they still score so abysmally against other public sector bodies.
    Yet, until the general public/taxpayers/"customers" realise the true overall cost of this don't expect any change. Remember its not just the cost of sick leave and pathetic IT and building contracts that cost us so much.
    So, its Friday, again, and nothing much has changed, The Muppets are singing to the same tunes!

    (The observant will note the possible transposition of 2 words is and it... ;}!)

  2. As a tax payer I get really angry reading about all the corrupt behaviour in the hmrc.

    This staff survey rigging issue. Yeah dishonest, so does anyone know if its been reported to ministers? Or is nothing ever done about all this dodgy hmrc stuff ??

  3. My thoughts exactly. Why can't all those that know what's going on blow the whistle and report it to their MP and/or police if these are criminal acts.

    1. According to previous commenters on here,HMRC staff have involved their MPs but to no avail. Cover ups continued and the public are left with the current sorry mess of a tax authority. Mention of responses covering the Homer and Thompson regimes ???

  4. In my office, we were told by the Director of the Directorate that Senior Management expect staff survey results to improve once the moves to Regional Centres are complete.

    This is based on the fact thousands of experienced, long term staff who know how far the department has fallen and is failing taxpayers won't be able to make the transition to the new offices and the new, shiny graduates won't realise how shit the department is will be completing the survey.

    Top local manager in my office freely admits the atmosphere is 'Toxic'. When asked what will be done, smiles nervously and says "Well, we're moving soon...".

  5. Amongst staff the feeling is who cares what senior management do. We'll fill it in if we want to and because you're telling me how to complete it I'm going to say how bad it really is. Senior management don't understand, this is the only voice the staff now have.

  6. It gives me a head-ache. I have always completed the survey and given them the harshest criticism possible, including plenty of detail in the free text space. They then must disregard it & misinterpret the results . Just filling it in is interpreted as engagement. So this year, for the first time,I may ignore the survey. The whole thing is - I (and many others) just can't win

  7. Jon Thompson is aware of bullying issues within HMRC but does nothing to acknowledge or address it - what does that suggest? When given the opportunity to apologise, explain (provide answers) and put right the misconduct of management, he instead chose to send an elected Member of Parliament a dismissive letter which failed to address the matters of substance and was fundamentally dishonest. If a CEO of Government Departments feel able to behave like that, then what does that say about the state of democracy in the UK? It really is shocking and as for the staff surveys the only way for them to get the message is for staff to be honest and give negative ratings if that's how they feel. But they won't because too many have seen what happens to those with integrity who try to stand up to the prevailing culture.

    1. And don't start me on this "engagement" crap....this is now the number one importance for senior our post piles up we are dragged to these irrelevant "happy clappys" to talk about anything other than work just to make us feel special.Taxpayers..and that includes myself..we are paying for this drivel instead of doing what we are supposed to be's a disgusting farce !!

  8. Does the answer to this conundrum lie in the reality of the situation?
    HMRC management are accused of being not engaged, so the reality could be that the staff that complete the review the better the engagement may be stated to be, whatever the outcome of the review?
    Maybe the best thing is for everybody to accept that the survey is not only a waste of time, it is a very expensive waste of customers hard earned resource, just do away with them.
    Anyway, these reviews are all a conglomeration of statistics of which HMRC's fall under the 3rd category below;
    1. Lies,
    2. Samned Lies, and,
    3. HMRC Statistics.

  9. Anything else they may be rigging, like what the NAO is allowed to see?
    Perhaps we know the answer as to how the top brass keep getting their bonus pay.
    It wasn't just the running of the banks wot got deregulated you know!