HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

HMRC Compensates Taxpayers With Their Own Money

Without any sense of irony whatsoever, HMRC has decided to pay taxpayers compensation for HMRC's lousy and shite performance with taxpayers' money!

What specific shite performance is this intended to compensate?

HMRC's shite Childcare Service website.

CCH Daily reports that individuals affected by the website failures may be able to get a government top-up as a one-off payment for tax-free childcare.

Parents are eligible for these payments if they have been unable to complete an application for tax-free childcare; been unable to access their account; or not received a decision about whether they are eligible without explanation, for more than 20 days.

In order to make a claim individuals must send HMRC their full name, home address, National Insurance number, a description of the issues faced, bank details, and copies of receipts for payments to their childcare provider.

If an individual is eligible for compensation, HMRC will contact them and make a payment directly to their bank account.

HMRC’s Childcare Service compensation form is available here.

There we have it folks, taxpayers' money being used to compensate taxpayers for HMRC's shite performance.

Laughable isn't it?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Regular readers will be aware of the oft quoted comment 'it's not their money' and additions such as 'it's only customer's money'.
    Get real folks, where else would you expect the money to come from, Corbyn's fabled money tree?
    Once you realise that it is not coming out of their pockets or profits and that their management has fuck all to worry about then you may begin to see the light somewhat.
    Sheesh, sheeple!

  2. How about using the bosses bonus cash to compensate the people failed by HMRC (latest) computer system?

    1. How about docking the money from the huge salaries of the incompetents? As regards the total lack of discipline in the lawless HMRC how about sacking people for poor performance and/or poor conduct? How about prosecuting people when they commit acts which constitute a criminal offence under well established legislation? Of course that would mean the likes of Jon Thompson would actually have to address misconduct when he is made personally aware of it rather than ignoring it (as he has done) and then trying to add to the abuse of the victim of the cowardly crime - no wonder nobody trusts HMRC!

    2. There is no greater tyranny than when those charged with enforcing the laws (and drawing huge taxpayer funded salaries for doing so) allow the law to be broken and the behaviour covered up - shame on HMRC, they are an absolute disgrace.

    3. Jon Thompson willing to allow law breaking/ bullying/ poor performance/ misconduct go unchecked = by implication Jon Thompson condones such action = HMRC's Jon Thompson must surely be a bully himself.

      social mobility champion = hypocrite.

      That hardly inspires any confidence in this poor performing tax authority, does it.

  3. HMIC previously published a report "Integrity Matters". I could not agree more. Why then does it not matter to HMRC?

    Stories of bullying, law breaking, breaches of confidentiality & data protection rules, ridiculing & mistreating disabled members of staff (equality & diversity?) have all been swept under the carpet by the regime of Jonathan Thompson and his predecessor Linda Homer.

    How can the public trust HMRC?

    1. If the employees of HMRC can't trust them, then the taxpayers should have no trust in them whatsoever

  4. The staff mistreatment within HMRC are unquestionably out of control.

    From a number of commenters referred to the culture:-

    "'Equality and Diversity': The right to be treated fairly.
    One day someone is going to have the bottle to challenge the Performance System in court."

    "I truly despair at the comments above, "As a service, we must have zero tolerance of any kind of bullying or discrimination". The figures show this is a massive problem year after year and there is no doubt the true figure is likely to be even higher. There is an intrinsic bullying culture now in the CS and in HMRC around sick absence and especially PMR. This horrific system encourages divisive and discriminatory behaviour and despite widespread hatred of it amongst staff we get the usual PR responses to concerns. Like previous years I have no faith whatsoever in anything tangible being done to properly address the real issues, only a tinkering with some trivial matters to look like something has been done".

    Ken and other readers, I believe there may be a wee problem with the governance of HMRC.

  5. A wee problem...?
    FFS, it is now an issue of such proportion as to impact across more acreage than the proverbial hand grenade in a cess-pit!
    The head in the sand mentality of those responsible is part of the problem and requires as much examination as the problem itself.
    Perhaps it would be entertaining to see HMRC forced to respond to the myriad accusations and then some?