HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Oncoming Customs Catastrophe

It seems that MPs have woken up to the oncoming post Brexit Customs catastrophe.

PAC has warned of the "catastrophic" scenario of  HMRC failing to have a back-up system in place if its Customs Declaration Service (CDS) programme is not ready in time for Brexit.

A failed customs system could lead to huge disruption for businesses, with delays potentially causing massive queues at Dover and resulting in food being left to rot in trucks at the border.

Committee chair Meg Hillier said the body does not yet have funding to increase the capacity of CDS to deal with the consequences of Brexit – nor to develop contingency options.

She is quoted by The Register:
"This is deeply worrying. HMRC requires a relatively small sum to upgrade the current CHIEF system – a move which would provide some peace of mind to traders, many of whom are still operating with limited information and in great uncertainty."
HMRC started planning to replace its customs system, known as Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight, prior to Brexit following changes to EU legislation which would have been costly and difficult to make using CHIEF's ageing technology.

The department has said using its existing CHIEF system is the main contingency option if CDS isn't ready, something it is developing as a contingency option in parallel with its implementation of CDS.

Hillier is unimpressed:
"HMRC tells us it is merely 'in conversation' over CHIEF upgrade costs when, on behalf of business and the British public, it should be banging on the doors of the Treasury.

HMRC must press the case to secure this funding now and ensure that, if other plans fail, customs will be fit for purpose."
PAC "noted" that HMRC "is currently managing an unsustainable amount of change" which could put the delivery of CDS at risk.
"HMRC told us that CDS is one of its seven most important programmes but we are concerned about the Department's ability to balance its overall risks and ensure it puts emphasis on the right areas," said the body.
This will end in tears!

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  1. HMRC management will have their eyes on anyone trying to help tax payers.

  2. An avoidable timebomb just primed to explode in the faces of those who fucked about, BOF Brexit CDS Self Assessment, too much taken on and heads in the sand mentallity, its going to be an almighty clusterfuck, taxi for Mr Thompson with a gold plated pention in tow.... wankers

  3. As Ken and the more astute readers will have noticed some time ago, I have flagged this looming clusterfuck on more than one occasion.

    The inability of civil servants, politicians and the like to see this coming and 'effectively' plan for it is a given.

    The myriad of issues will have caused panic to set in as the size of the problems become apparent. Lack of experienced staff, trainers, legislation, I.T., Intelligence/Enforcement infrastructure, plain lack of understanding, LEAN, Excom, trade facilitation added to which will be all the problems created by non-compliance and organised crime e.g. misdescription, valuation, health/safety, criminal finances, ghost exports (empty box syndrome), and anything else that is associated with cross-border movement of goods by air, land or sea...think about it!

    Add to that the fight between departments and trasury for ever decreasing resources and you have a recipe for...?

    1. Not forgetting the likes of End Use Certification, debarking certificates, prohibitions and restrictions, copyright, anti-dumping, quotas, preferences, post import control, deferrment, deposit, oh dear, all seems a tad complicated. doomed I tell ye, doomed!
      What would olde Samuel Pepys say in his diary?