HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 4 June 2018

HMRC's Spend on Consultants Rises by 9,000pc

HMRC's spending on consultants has risen by a “staggering” 9,000 per cent, while customer service has plummeted.

MPs are going to call for an investigation into HMRC's use of external consultants.

In April, HMRC spent £844,188 on consultants - the highest monthly amount since 2011 and more than HMRC’s entire annual spending on consultants in 2015, official figures published this week show.

The latest amount is nearly 9,000 per cent greater than the £9,618 HMRC spent in the equivalent period in 2015.

For why the increase:

1 HMRC are cutting back on staff, and

2 HMRC's IT systems are shite, and it needs external support to keep them running and maybe upgrade them.

The irony is given HMRC's obsession with IR35, many of these consultants will be withdrawing their services and HMRC will have a very hard job indeed finding more to plug the holes!

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  1. Never mind the money spent on 'consultants', what about the huge costs of staff 'leaving' for whatever reason other tan normal retirement.
    If the M.P.'s did what they are paid to do and looked closely at where and how ublic money has not just been wasted but possibly used to cover-up criminal and/or civil lawbreaking...well, you know this just won't happen.

    Anyone see the space station on Saturday night, brilliant, must be fuelled by recycled HMRC effluent, there's enough of it to keep it orbitting for decades yet. ;}

    1. @ 4 June 2018 12:09. What criminal and/or civil lawbreaking do you refer to please? Any examples...

  2. And most of those 'consultants' will give useless advice, or charge way over the odds.

    If only HMRC listened to its staff and customers, i.e. the ones who know what needs to be done.
    Instead, consultants introduce stupid ideas that are actioned, and morale falls even further (as well as customer service).

    Anyone who's ever worked for HMRC knows the horrors of Pacesetter (stand round a whiteboard and pretend to be enthusiastic every day), introduced after consultants sold it.

    A shame they don't listen to other consultants, like the one they employed a few years back, and produced a report on how to improve engagement and morale.

    Glad I left a while ago, as things seem to be going from bad to worse (still in touch with some old colleagues).

  3. Really not surprised to hear this. Full privitasation is on its way.