HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

HMRC Hiring Real People Persons

Whilst candidates need to be "real people persons" they don't need any formal qualifications.

Here is a summary, full details can be found here:


Preston, North West

About the job

Job description

Are you a friendly and enthusiastic person? Do you have brilliant communication skills? Do you have a passion for excellent customer service?

As a Customer Services Consultant at HMRC, you’ll need to be a real people person. Our consultants are the voice of HMRC, helping customers get their taxes right, on the phone, via letters or emails and webchats.

No previous experience is needed. You bring your great communication skills and commitment to our customers, we’ll provide you with all the training you need.

This is important work. We collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services like schools and hospitals and help families and individuals with targeted financial support such as tax credits. We help the honest majority to get their tax right and make it hard for the dishonest minority to cheat the system.

We are looking for dynamic individuals who can handle enjoyable and difficult conversations in equal measure. Everyone can bring something different to HMRC and we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive employer. To be successful in this role you will have good communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as basic numerical skills. You will have the ability to provide accurate information to customers quickly and clearly and take calls from all sectors of our community which can be challenging at times.

Our customer services centres are open 7 days a week 8am to 10pm – your working patterns will fall within these times. You will need to be flexible with your working pattern should you be successful in your application. You’ll be employed on a 5 out of 7 contract, and be expected to work five days out of seven days covering various working patterns between 8am and 10pm, usually 37 hours per week. Part-time and job sharing working opportunities (minimum 24 hours per week covering various patterns) can be considered but business need will dictate whether your request can be accepted. Please only continue with your application if you are able to commit to this work pattern.

We offer competitive pay, good benefits and career opportunities. So, if you’re a good communicator and are friendly, enthusiastic and flexible, you’ve just found your perfect role.

These roles are coupled with the fantastic opportunity of being an apprentice! HMRC are investing in its people and as an apprentice within HMRC, you’ll have a first-rate opportunity of working in an energetic and transformative organisation – one of the world’s leading tax authorities - while gaining an industry recognised qualification to help you forge your future career

HMRC is a modern and diverse workplace, committed to promoting and ensuring equality and valuing diversity. We will not unlawfully discriminate in any aspect of employment.

We want HMRC to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. HMRC is at its best when it reflects the diversity of the country as a whole and is able to understand what the public needs.

If you have a disability and require help and support with any part of the recruitment process, please refer to the Customer Service Consultant Candidate Pack for information.


We'll assess you against these competencies during the selection process:
  • Delivering at pace
  • Managing a quality service
  • Leading and communicating
Civil Service Competency Framework



Civil Service pension schemes may be available for successful candidates.

Things you need to know


Successful candidates must pass a disclosure and barring security check.
Successful candidates must pass basic security checks.

Nationality statement

Candidates will be subject to UK immigration requirements as well as Civil Service nationality rules.

If you're applying for a role requiring security clearance please be aware that foreign or dual nationality is not an automatic bar. However certain posts may have restrictions which could affect those who do not have sole British nationality or who have personal connections with certain countries outside the UK.

Selection process details

This vacancy is using the Civil Service Competency Framework. Guidance on writing competency examples is available: A brief guide to competencies
As part of the application process you will be asked to complete a personal statement.

Your personal statement should be between 300 and 500 words and aligned to the Civil Service Competency Framework which you will find attached to this advert. We will score the statement against the Managing a Quality Service Competency - Level 1. (This can be found at section 9, page 40 of the Competency Framework).

Personal Statement Question:

1. Can you describe a time when you have delivered great customer service? What did you do and what was the outcome?

Further details are included on the application.


We do not require candidates have any formal qualifications for this role, however you will be required to demonstrate a satisfactory level of numerical and verbal ability. Therefore, once you have completed and submitted your application, you will be invited to complete the Numerical and Verbal online tests.

You may wish to have paper, pens and a calculator ready for completing these tests. You will receive instructions on how to complete the tests when you are invited. You must be successful at each stage to progress through to the next test.

Please complete the online tests as soon as possible (we recommend you complete these within 24-48 hours of submitting your application).

There will be scheduled maintenance on the Verbal and/or Numerical Reasoning Test(s) on the following date(s):

21/09/2018 - 22:00 - 06:00

If you attempt to access the test(s) during this time it/ they will be unavailable.

You will need to ensure that you have fully completed all the required tests by Midnight on the 3rd October 2018, failure to complete all online tests before their deadline will result in your application being withdrawn.

Do not leave completing the tests until the last minute in case you experience any access or technical issues. There may not be technical support available after business hours and after 3pm on closing date of 3rd October 2018.

While the tests should work on most operating systems and modern browsers with a good internet connection, we cannot guarantee that every combination will work. At the beginning, the test will check which browser you are using, and alert you if it is likely to be incompatible.

It is highly recommended that you complete the online tests on a desktop computer, not a mobile phone or tablet.

Should you be successful on all tests you will be placed on a merit list in score order and may be invited to an interview dependent on your score and position on the merit list. Candidates who pass the tests but not invited to interview will be placed in a candidate pool and may be called for interview at a later date.

HMRC reserve the right to increase or decrease the pass mark in order manage successful applicant volumes.

Please be aware that HMRC take very seriously any incidences of cheating. This includes plagiarism of someone else's work. Any instances of plagiarism or other forms of cheating will be investigated and if proven the relevant applications will be withdrawn from the process.

Your personal statement will be used as a tie-breaker to calculate merit list order should there be tied scores after interview.

Tax does have to be taxing.

Professional Cover Against the Threat of Costly TAX and VAT Investigations

Insurance to protect you against the cost of enquiry or dispute with HMRC is available from several sources including Solar Tax Investigation Insurance.

Ken Frost has negotiated a 10% discount on any polices that may suit your needs.

However, neither Ken Frost nor HMRCISSHITE either endorses or recommends their services.

What is Solar Tax Investigation Insurance?

Solar Tax Investigation Insurance is a tax-fee protection service that will pay up to £75,000 towards your accountant's fees in the event of an HM Revenue & Customs full enquiry or dispute.

To find out more, please use this link Solar Tax Investigation Insurance

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  1. Fresh meat for the grinder.

    We will teach to read a script and after you have been psychologically smashed to bits by the shit hole and leave, we will keep a reserve list. So, we can do the same to do the same to the next lot. Double speak is the name of the game here. In reality, you are as disposable as a packet of crisps. Oh yeah, best of luck trying to get a day off and hurry up in the toilet.

    Don't forget about the fantastic gold plated pension that gets thrown in our faces by right wing shit rags at every opportunity. However, as you wont be working here longer than two minutes you haven't a chance in hell of it paying your bills in old age.

    That's why recruit all the time.

    PS. How many in the picture are still there? Only the one in the shades I would wager. The one at the back is Steve Lamey. If you want a free laugh look at his LinkedIn profile after a quick internet search. Nice offices aren't they at 100PS.

  2. Competitive pay? Barely above national minimum wage and heaven help you if you think you'll make it to the top of the pay scale.

    Noone in their right mind should even consider working for those clowns.

  3. Don't do it!
    "We will not unlawfully discriminate..." What type of nutters would put that bollocks in a vacancy ad. I mean, we all know it's fucking lies, but is it part of their guilt?
    stories of HMRC bulkying, harassment, violence and staff left suicidal are all too common. Keep well away from this disgusting organisation if you value your health.

  4. People who are genuinely 'people persons' don't need to go around telling people that they are 'people persons', because it is obvious from their conduct and demeanour that they are 'people persons'.

    The only people who go around telling people that they are 'people persons' are people who are - from their own conduct and demeanour - quite clearly not 'people persons'. You know, it's like the old states which called themselves 'Democratic Socialist Republics' because it could never otherwise be thought from their behaviour that they were.

  5. "HMRC is a modern and diverse workplace, committed to promoting and ensuring equality and valuing diversity. We will not unlawfully discriminate in any aspect of employment.

    We want HMRC to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. HMRC is at its best when it reflects the diversity of the country as a whole and is able to understand what the public needs."

    What a load of absolute b*ll*cks, lies and deceit.
    On a practical note though, there is more chance of a successful prosecution under the Trades Descriptions Act for false advertising than getting this bunch found guilty under all the other legislation they have knowingly and maliciously conspired to break!

  6.'s a hell hole!!

  7. Just completed my application. Doing the test later.
    Got no qualifications so good they are only recruiting on merit.
    A fulfilling career awaits working for a professional, inclusive, employer.



    1. Majority of staff already on them contracts bring it on.

    2. Do the maths.....that is a pay decrease !!!

    3. There is no maths to be done it's a pn103 contract for all. At least with everyone doing weekendso us who.have not got a choice might get a one off. The contact centre staff or not proper civil servants10 3hx as majority off traditional contract holders refer to.them have took the burden for too long. Bring on the vote for 3%

    4. It's people like you have bent over backwards and screwed the real civil's all your fault,you imbeciles !!!

    5. And @18:38...bring everyone else down with are disgusting !!

    6. @18:38 YOU signed up for it.We didn't

    7. ...and btw 18:38 you are still taking a pay decrease even with the the maths doofus !!!

    8. We has no choice to.sign up for it that's was the only choice. You allowed them to put them.contracts don't have to change your contracts you can opt out PN103 contracts have no option for bending over backwards it's long serving union.representatives and civil.servants who couldn't care less what other people worked as long as them.didn't have to as they had the majority of the votes now the foot is on.the other foot we are expected to.fIghtfield your cause when you wouldn't fight ours. The insults always come when they don't have a civilised reasonable approach.

    9. Why was it you your only choice ? Could you not have walked away?

    10. You have no idea...HMRC have played you like a fiddle...and you have capitulated...

    11. Hold on...let me sadly are a HMRC employee like me...i don't want to get into an argument with you....we both have one enemy...that is HMRC senior management...they have screwed us all over. There is only one way to make our voices heard....make sure we vote over 50% in the next PCS ballot and hit these bastards with industrial action....we all know what senior managements strategy is.....get the old guard out and brainwash the new ones with their ideology....crap wages and crap terms and conditions.

    12. I agree with the vote thing but I hardly think it's fair to say new ones been there since 2002 and it's good for people to.say you could have walked away but I had a wife and family and any contract was better than the dole. It's fine to.say walk away when your on.the tradiagonal contract and fair if it's the same as DWP you can.opt out walk away with your traditional contract in tact under your arm with safe knowledge that PN103 contract holders will work the weekends for there pay rise

    13. Sorry for going off on one...u see what the management are doing here.. divide and conquer...they are a manipulative bunch of bastards...and don't give 2 fucks about their staff...we have all been taking it up the ass for far too long but until people have the balls to strike and I mean strike properly....then we are fucked.Surely you can see that even on a 5/7 contract that working 1 hour per week extra and losing a days leave is worse than a flat 1% pay rise ? Just out of interest...have you heard of this offer too ?

    14. Not ofinally but have expected it for a long time as soon as they go it through at DWP. I'm agree with you about strike action but if this offer is what you believe it is then PN103 contract holders will vote it through for fun. As in truth it's not different to what they work now for more money over time. Especially ifor they as in DWP they up everybody to the maxima

    15. What up mean about upping to maximum?

    16. My understanding is that in DWP everybody was placed on the maxima so every grade no matter on length off service was on same money. I can recall.being told I would be on a maxima within 5 years and nearly 17 years later still not on it. Another failure off the GEC and it's failure to act years ago but they were ok so it didn't matter. Now they are coming for traditional contracts they want 5/7 contracts to support them. Well.I assure you it won't happen cos people are still.pissed off that they got no support when they wanted it. The words used where this is a contact centre fight not ours. Well the shoe is on the other foot now.

    17. My pay rise this year...£108 !!...and i am just above the AO minimum...we have ALL been screwed....industrial action is needed...a full week.....but union members need to get off their asses and vote for it....POST THE NEXT BALLOT !!!

    18. Just read on the PCS website that DWP AOs were forced to take a minimum of £500 payrise last year....sweet Jesus...i wish we got anywhere near are the HMRC unions doing ???

    19. To be fair 500 is nothing either sonsidering the pay freeze we have had but it's better than.our glorious left unity GEC have got us.

    20. Agreed.....but that's still 4 times what I got....why are the HMRC staff being treated so it the shit union or the shit union members who are afraid to vote? Nearly 30 years in this place....prou p when it was Inland a disgusting place to be in.

    21. Your spot on members should be voting but the union from a HMRC point of view is top heavy with morons who couldn't care lessential as long as they are OK and that's where the apathy comes in. You Mark my words though if it comes to a vote on the rumoured pay rise it will fly through cos all the PN103 contract holders will vote for it as it will make very little difference to there terms and confit ions. Especially working weekends and lates as they do it already and will be delighted to share the burden with there colleagues.

    22. I am a pn103 contract and I am disgusted at the way the my union only seems to care about those on teaditradit contract holders. I have attended meetings this week where the time was spent advising us minions that wedw have to work Saturday's and do late nights. HELLO! I've been doing that for years! Don't make me out to be lower than you are! I work just as hard for less benefit, as have many others.. It's about time everyone else shared the burden

    23. But can you not see that supposed deal is actually a pay decrease even before 5/7 is taken into account...the loss of 1 day's annual plus an extra hour a week is more of a loss than the extra 2%....remember time is money. The DWP deal has the AO minimum rise nearly £3000 in 4 years....we are all being offered a pay cut.The HMRC scum management are playing a blinder....can you not see that ?

    24. I fully sympathise with people on these PN103 contracts but when they were signed surely everyone knew what they were signing up to.I don't mean to be critical but it now seems that you want to bring everyone else down with you.... Management must be rubbing their hands with glee.HMRC is rotten to the core....and it is webthe AO grade who are being totally shafted.

    25. @22:51, spot on! You would be better off telling them to stick it where the sun don't shine and working overtime!

    26. Knew what you were signing oh yes and I'm sure you read your contract from top to bottom and knew every little clause. Don't come that you knew what you were sinning routine. People didn't Ave a clue new starters to civil.service just thought it was the norm. Bring on the vote share the burden with our colleagues with traditional contracts see you at weekend for coffee in office or after two on a Friday.

    27. "People didn't Ave a clue new starters to civil.service just thought it was the norm."

      So you signed a contract without reading it? And now you have realised that others had different terms and that their fault? Perhaps you should have read the contract more carefully...i wouldn't have signed up to that shit and i didn't.....and now you want to take it out on others....why ? A tad selfish ? Don't be a if YOU had a Mon-Fri contract you wouldn't be bending over backwards to work weekends.

  10. Happy Friday everyone!!!

  11. Best advice: Unless you DESPERATELY need a job it really isn't worth it. Bullying, harassment, discrimination (lawful and, yes, UNLAWFUL), intimidation, threats, fear and violence are rife inside the funny farm that is HM Revenue & Customs.

    Hard work and delivering results have no bearing on whether HMRC management will target you. Being a complete 'brown nose', bum kissing so-and-so, is the only route to have avoid this (though its not a guarantee).

    And don't go thinking that as it's a government department everything will be done above board. HMRC routinely break the law in regard to how they treat staff and routinely cover it up with a pack of lies. They will go to any length to cover up abuse, even if it involves wasting HUNDREDS of hours of their time, and HMRC seemingly will not hesitate in making false statements in legal matters.

    Things really have got so far out of control inside the toxic culture of HMRC that they are so relaxed about behaving in a way that could be deemed 'attempting to pervert the course of justice'. They are worse than a common criminal.

    Remember, companies like McDonalds are always recruiting and in many roles they offer better pay, better working conditions and better career prospects.

    1. Absolutely.....DO NOT work for HMRC....speaking as a current employee,they are the scum of the earth...they are a dog eat dog employer....i am close to naming names...they treat their staff with contempt....timid hard working AOs who actually do the real work are bullied because they are easy targets.....i work in an office that practices this....Band O managers bully...and those that don't turn a blind eye....fucking disgusting....they won't get me cos i have some balls...but they get the ones who are afraid....cunts all of humanity in the HMRC !!! I will expose these bastards as often as i can

    2. Sorry...late to debate....just read up on Ministry of Justices "Modernising Employment Proposition" they think we civil servants are thick...offer us a "big" payrise...but then take it away in terms and reality a pay decrease...scum !! And are they surprised it was rejected outright !!