HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Nick Lodge Joins the Bank of England

Nick Lodge, Director General of HMRC’s Strategy Group, has taken up a new position with the Bank of England.

He was first appointed to HMRC’s Executive Committee in 2012 as Director General for Benefits and Credits, and was formally appointed an HMRC Commissioner in the same year. He’s since led Transformation before taking up the new Strategy Group leadership.

HMRC Chief Executive, Jon Thompson, said:
Nick has given a huge amount to this department, leading major change and operational programmes, and providing strong leadership within the Executive Committee and Board. I wish Nick well in his new opportunity and for the future.
Nick Lodge said:
I’m excited to be joining the Bank of England, leading a major programme at the heart of the UK’s financial infrastructure. It’s a great role that I’m really looking forward to and that brings me back to banking, where I began my career.
I’ve loved my time at HMRC. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with great people, as part of some brilliant teams and in a wide range of different areas. I have every confidence HMRC will continue to deliver.
Interim arrangements for filling Nick’s current role will be announced shortly.

Lodge's HMRC directorate, covering general benefits and credits was assimilated into three other groups in 2016, I asked at the time:
"Where does Lodge end up, or does HMRC hope he falls on his sword?"

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  1. Having reached the lofty pinnacles of Club Scum, the eternal revolving door never stops revolving. Go out through one door, walk through another.

    It looks like the Shite have plenty of non-jobs, six figure non-jobs, to go around. The latest being 'Head of Networks'. Your guess is as good as mine what this involves, someone must have been paid a fortune to write the horseshit drivel in the advert.

  2. I recall when Lodge was the 'Director' of Debt Management & Banking and believe he may have set up Field Force. And with this month being 10 years since it's inception, what an unmitigated disaster that has been.

    He always seems to have an over-inflated ego, but then that's most people in HMRC Senior Management. HMRC don't do characters with a little humility, hence why HMRC never learn lessons with regard to institutional poor performance.

    1. Ah yes - "Field Force".

      The appointment of "Agents" who were too frightened to either go out on their own, or too frightened to levy without the umbrella of the paid Bailiff.

      Not forgetting the centralisation of County Court work much to the horror of most of the Judges, who were correct in their assumption there'd be no continuity etc.

      He also set up the "Spend to Save" teams who were tasked with collecting thousands and thousands of (primarily) PAYE debt. Only to discover that most of the large debtors had already ceased, gone under or disappeared because they either hadn't told HMRC, and the HMRC computers didn't interface with Companies House.

      Cheerio Nick you prat.

    2. Yep that's Field Force . Timid "agents", scared of their own shadow, who are so ineffective at collecting and enforcing debt it's almost laughable.

    3. Are Mike Skelton & Chris Brierley still 'in charge' of field force? A strange bunch field force management are, they complained for years about not having enough resources, then said they don't have enough work to keep their resources occupied!!!

      You really could not make this shit up!

      Meanwhile theres all those wages being paid while they scrap around trying to find people something to do!

      No wonder theres a huge collectible balance. These people prob don't know the day of the week. What a f**king disgrace!!!

  3. I thought Mike Skelton had been suspended.

  4. Bullying allegations so I heard.

  5. Dosent surprise me. I thought it'd be T&S abuse or sexual impropriety.

  6. It needs Hercules to clean out the volume of shite that has piled up in HMRC.
    If, and its a big if in this day and age, the truth filters out, then the overall costs will be unbelievable as so much has taken place under the Law Enforcement 'umbrella'.
    Have commented before about the sheer panic that gripped HMRC just under a decade or so ago when the idiots in power began to discover just how many vetted staff had undeclared criminal convictions. Then there are those senior managers that were paid off the books into self set-up management 'businesses'. Not to mention the volume of H&S law breaking that goes with the bullying.
    Rotten to the core managers and carrying on with utter contempt for the law of the land.
    You know who you are, shame be upon you! You make ODC's* look angelic by comparison!

    (* Ordinary Decent Criminals)

    1. Correct. The law breakers inside HMRC doubtless sneer at the common criminal when their conduct is totally evil. HMRC staff left suicidal by their actions and those cowardly could not care less. I have no doubt Internal Governance are aware of issues and failed to investigate - when the truth outs, questions will be asked and justice will prevail.

    2. ...and all the law-breaking covered up by HMRC (obviously).

      We all know there a decent majority working for this shambles who are badly let down by a significant minority of dishonest, scumbags.

      HMRC senior management do their frontline staff, working in challenging conditions, no favours when it becomes public knowledge that brutality, personal abuse, bullying & harassment and law-breaking is routinely covered up with the knowledge of those at the top of the department! Shame on them!!

  7. I wonder where 'Homer Simpson' will turn up next?