HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Thompson Denies "Customer" Suicides

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  1. At the risk of being accused of repetition, I already knew what a vile creature this man is by virtue of his dishonestly misleading letter to my MP in 2016 in relation to HMRC's bullying and subsequent cover-up.

    The overall content and tone of this letter simply confirms that.

    If I may also share, my employment law solicitor commented that in regard to HMRC's correspondence he had never, ever, encountered such a cold and inhumane attitude from an employer towards an employee (bearing in mind he had dealt with thousands of cases).

    This Thompson letter once again shows their cold, callous, inhumane, feckless, thuggery.

    The closing comments stating: "Constant tweets implying that the loan charge will be dropped and therefore people should hold off approaching us does nothing to help those with disguised remuneration liability." is mainly aimed at crushing dissent & stopping bad publicity. Those who have worked for HMRC and survived their attempts to the flush their lives down the toilet will recognise the arrogant tone...

    Time the government considered whether certain people really are fit & proper to receive knighthoods...

    Nasty scum who have no regard for the health of staff or taxpayer welfare...

    In closing, I can only speak as I find and anyone would be a fool to take this man at this word.

  2. He and Mel Stride are going to regret that crass, stupid and horribly self serving letter, no doubt once again the handiwork of those attempting to cover for decades of their own gross incompetence.

    Note HMRC Press Office once again asking those concerned to get in touch "with their usual HMRC contact."

    Difficult if you are dead but LCAG has names of three specific cases.

    1. Quote by Ruth Cadbury M.P.

      "The retrospective loan charge has put people's lives in limbo, and in some very tragic cases has caused people to take their own life. It's unacceptable that when I asked Andrea Leadsom about this yesterday she didn't even acknowledge these victims."

      The above echoes my recent comment I made on this site regarding Leadsoms response to the M.P.
      Just about sums up the total disrespect of the shite politicians making such a clusterfeck of Brexit et. al.

      I hope the relatives show their displeasure at the ballot box. Sympathy to those victims and their families, how dreadfully apalling this must appear. Shame on you Leadsom, shame!

    2. People are suicidal or killing themselves on a daily basis because of benefit sanctions, fit-for-work assessments and Universal Credit fuck ups and the government hasn't flinched once in the face of such negative publicity. So, dreadful though it is, don't think for a minute that a handful of tax avoiders at the end of their rope is going to make them do a volte-face on the loan charge policy.

    3. must be a fast tracker, post Friday waxer causing a brain fart!

  3. On 9th March Paul Garlick tweeted the following about the HMRC CEO:
    "Sir Jonathon - I’ve got recordings of your conversations ref #Nellthorp - you’re a disgrace. Your name will go down in history as a #rapist enabler. Last chance. @HMRCpressoffice"

    Is this for real? When will the evidence be brought into the open? It seems entirely wrong that a senior civil servant can remain in post, investigated without a full rebuttal of these allegations...maybe I'm just old-fashioned and these shocking standards are acceptable for those on the HMRC management gravy train nowadays...

  4. You know why?.....because this is has become a society of no one cares.

    And this cunt Thompson tells us he is a Christian....he shames Christ !!!

  5. Interesting as Christianity runs through lot of HMRC senior managers. David Richardson actively covered for Mark Nellthorp's sexual assaults, misuse of public funds, bullying and other midemeanoirs for 10 years. He too is a devout Christian. Is this a pick and choose religion where as long as I am good outside of work all else is forgive or are these two utter hypocrites?

  6. I'm not sure that Christianity and HMRC management practices go together, in fact I am sure they don't.

  7. I am a current HMRC employee and have decided,with a heavy heart to withdraw from reading and commenting on this great site from now on. :(
    I can honestly say that for the sake of my own mental health i have enough anxiety when i enter that HMRC hellhole each week....when i leave at the end of my working day the worry leaves come home and go no this site the fear starts again.
    The last 2 years have been the most stressful in my life and i don't need it.
    I am separating work and is not worth it.
    For my own selfish health i want to stop this....i am also,with much thought, deleting any mobile contacts i have with current work colleagues....the HMRC toxic culture has driven me to it.
    I apologise...but hope this site goes from strength to strength and finally outs these rotten HMRC bastards.
    Good luck to all the lower grades and the posters on here.
    All the best Ken.

    1. To the current HMRC employee - don't let the bastards get you down!
      All the best for the future!

    2. Thanks...i won't...i will fight them from inside.

    3. I'm sure you don't need it but do seek help, should you need it.

      Do not trust the duplicitous barstewards in HMRC management, any further than you can throw them. I was off sick for so long, over a year with repeat mental issues and a known history to them, that my government sickpay ran out, let alone the 6 months CS sick pay. That I was not sacked for non-attendance speaks volumes but there you go, I was not well enouigh to take a case to court. If you stay, don't ;et them "manage you out of the business". I think they must get bonus payments based on numbers!!!
      Seriously good luck, stay well and safe.
      An ex. coleague.

    4. HMRC filth management did similar to me - they play a tactical game to crush staff suffering mental ill health and they are all the more motivated if they suffering as a result of their misconduct.
      They get a great big hard on if they get such people out on the cheap.
      Vile scum of the earth types far too cowardly to have a face to face meeting with their victims.

    5. Thanks for your kind words, and all the best for the future. Sometimes it is very wise to take a break from "social" media!

  8. I have now left the job I loved, fed up with seeing people who have no experience or knowledge of the job promoted way beyond their very limited capabilities because they can fill in a form. Those of us that have years of experience were passed over for promotion-hell, it's the only way the work would get done. Ask one of the new entrants to do something that was part of their job, and a tantrum is thrown.
    I saw this coming and planned my escape. Now working for someone who is considerate, recognises my strengths, works on my weaknesses and pays me commensurate with the work I do. Being self employed is a hell of a lot less stress!