HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Cleaners Strike

The Morning Star reports that cleaner who work in the HMRC offices in Merseyside are striking for a week over pay.

The cleaners, who are members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), were outsourced to contractor ISS.

They have asked the company to pay them £10 an hour. They also want holiday entitlements and full sick pay from day one of employment.

The strike, which began on Monday and runs until Friday, is the second in the cleaners’ campaign for better pay.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:
Our members are taking on a belligerent multimillion-pound contractor who refuses to pay the living wage.

With ISS making outlandish profits they can easily afford to pay people who keep HMRC offices in Liverpool clean £10 an hour.

Ministers in HMRC need to step in and take all contracted-out staff back in house and give them Civil Service terms and conditions.”

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  1. Perhaps Dooley and Bradley could do it along with the other sacked Bootle lot!

  2. There's a telephone box in London needs cleaning that's for sure. Dirty pair of filthy tarts.

  3. Well, they won't have to clean India Buildings by the look of things.

    PCS website shows a briefing that Liverpool is, perhaps, looking for an alternative venue after all the asbestos shit they found in there.

    All that dosh for a refurb, partial or otherwise, pissed up the wall.

    Surely, a gong is well overdue for services to Olympic standard incompetence.

    Total shitpile

  4. A modicum of research shows how long ago that HMG were aware of the asbestos risk in India Buildings - it was listed in a reply that can be found in Hansard!
    General look at asbestos in buildings articles will show how widespread the issue is.
    Due diligence, contracts and HMRC do not appear to mix very well.
    But its only public money after all, as donated by 'customers'!

  5. Naturally. It's a competency called common fucking sense. Sadly lacking in any senior management. India Buildings is centuries old, its a fair bet it would have some in there.

    As you rightly suggest. The arsewits won't be funding it themselves.

  6. "Ministers in HMRC need to step in and take all contracted-out staff back in house and give them Civil Service terms and conditions.”

    Civil Service terms and conditions???
    AAs are on national minimum wage and AOs earn between £9 and £9.50 per hour.

    We would bite your hand off for a tenner an hour !!!