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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Homer Deserves Her Bonus

I am pleased to see that Lin Homer, current CEO of HMRC, feels that she has done such a good job that she deserves her £15K-£20K bonus.

Homer said she should keep on to a bonus, saying it reflected “a very good performance”.
Homer is quoted by the Telegraph telling PAC:
We have tried to make sure we are rewarding a very good performance from a number of people.

I’m confident the bonuses that were given out were deserved. I don’t feel that anything we’ve explained to you has warranted any review of that.”
What say you loyal readers?

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  1. Bonuses based on self-assessment using self gathered "evidence" to support marking? When the US Navy introduced self-assessment all the fighter pilots were top performers, didn't stop them crashing airplanes though!
    If the last year is supposed to have been so good for HMRC how come all the RTI, IT and mathematical failings? Homer and Excom should be paying money back not claiming top performer bonuses.
    It is a disgrace that Homer has the audacity to claim a bonus that equates to some people's salaries who actually underpin the system and do real work.
    As for the 2020 events, wtf!? Who is responsible for this as a project, it appears to have been a disaster at point of delivery.

  2. This is an old comment she made it in response to a question she was asked in a staff dial some months ago when she was asked about her pay and she said she thought she was paid appropriately for the job she was employed to do.

  3. Shove it up yer arse, Lin!!!

  4. Don't you know The Three Musketeers? The executioner charges extra to row Milady de Winter across the water before beheading her. You might call it his bonus.

  5. Meanwhile, we are told that the we will be getting another non-consolidated pay rise (not linked to pension and pay tables), which is exactly the same as last year.

    in other words, we have got precisely FUCK ALL!

  6. Lin Homer has been rewarded for delivering what was required of her, which included successfully imposing an unfair performance management system. However, even that evaluation, which some might call cynical, takes no account of the self-evidently botched way in which the quota has been imposed. There seems to have been little effort to demonstrate that individual performance markings were arrived at in accordance with HR guidance, as an assessment of a whole performance. People have been marked down on some aspect of their behaviour, which conveniently allows management to meet the quota without taking the trouble to find people who are actually turning in a poor performance. If they had done the latter, a certain percentage would have been marked Must Improve, but that percentage would have been unpredictable and would have been unlikely to be as many as the required 10%. This technique, and the clear evidence of what "guided distribution" actually means in practice - a quota to be met regardless of actual performance across HMRC - is no secret and staff have responded accordingly. They are demoralised and mistrustful. Senior management may reduce our numbers by these means, but they will be left with a workforce that has been manipulated and had its confidence undermined. Hence the hollow PR of the Building Our Futures, where they are trying to engage us and refer to us, outrageously, as "our people". Our dupes.