HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 25 July 2014

Tax Credits Deadline - Almost 1 Million Might Lose Benefit Through Inaction

HMRC has warned that nearly 1 million tax credits claimants stand to lose the benefit if they don't take action by the 31 July deadline.

The text of the HMRC press release is reproduced below:
"With the tax credits renewal deadline just one week away, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is reminding claimants to renew or face losing their payments. 

More than 865,000 claimants have still not renewed their tax credits. They have until 31 July to do so, or their payments might end. Last year more than 650,000 people failed to renew on time.

This year, for the first time, claimants can renew online at GOV.UK, as well as being able to renew by post and phone. 

HMRC recently published a list of reasons given for missing the deadline, including “I didn’t need the money because I’d met a rich bloke, but he dumped me”, “my dog ate the form” and “the form was locked in the boot of my car, and then my car caught fire”. 

Nick Lodge, Director General of Benefits and Credits, HMRC, said:

“Time is running out for people to renew their tax credits, or they risk losing their money. 

“The majority of people can renew online this year, which is quick, easy and can be done at a time of day to suit them.

“However they choose to renew, the most important thing is to do it before 31 July.” 

HMRC asks all claimants to check the accuracy of the information in their renewals pack, and to tell the department about any changes to their circumstances that they haven’t already reported, such as to working hours, childcare costs or pay.

Notes for editors
1.  Over 5.8 million tax credits renewal packs were sent to claimants between April and June.
2.  Claimants can get help and information on tax credits renewals from: and the Tax Credits helpline – 0345 300 3900"
However, it should also be noted that during next week's busy period for HMRC, some HMRC staff may be on strike and/or not working overtime.

As per PCS:
"The action will be rolled over three days (see above) with different regions involved on different days around the peak in work anticipated on Tax Credits and Self Assessment."
Don't delay to make your claim.
Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. No.1 reason this year will be:
    Tax Office shut it's Enquiry Centres down and we couldn't use the free phones, we tried to get through on the phone but we waited over 30 minutes and used all our mobile credit. What were we supposed to do?

  2. Is anyone aware of the planned strikes by HMRC next week ?