HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Charmed Circle

My thanks to a loyal reader for posting the following comment yesterday:
"Perhaps the sheeple will begin to understand why a Labour Research Department stress survey report recently showed HMRC and the DfT experience stress levels way above average?

I find it remarkable that no-one appears to have joined the dots wrt this terrible fact...

07/12/2010 Sir Gus O'D appointed a certain Links Homer as CEO at the DfT...
Coincidence, conspiracy fact, inconvenience, mistake, fate, promotion, revolving doors again?
Call it what you like but who is the current CEO of HMRC appointed some 2 years later by the same Sir Gus O'D?

Can't believe PCS failed so badly to seize this opportunity for some publicity, but then what can you expect?

What about you Ken, believe in coincidence or is it Karma?

Time for the smoke and mirrors to be replaced by reality, stress costs money, taxpayers money, which in these austere times is earned harder than ever.
Why the heck the oppressed staff are not banging on their M.P.'s doors I do not know, or is there a moratorium over HMRC because of any pending privatisation or part-privatisation of the tax system?

Who knows?
Who cares?
Why worry?
I would observe that the civil service, much like the City, works on a principle of "a charmed circle"; wherein it's not what you know, but who you know. Hence revolving doors are favoured and used by many (the higher up the pecking order).

As to caring about privatisation, I personally think that this would be a disaster:

- costs would skyrocket
- efficiency would fall
- taxpayers' confidentiality would be thrown out of the window (probably quite literally) etc.

As to why staff and non staff are not screaming at their MPs, I honestly don't know.

As to PCS, I suspect it believes that it too is part of the "charmed circle".

As ever, comments and views are very welcome.

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  1. I cannot wait to get out of HMRC. It's affecting my physical health, my mental health....and my pocket too now, after 3 years of pay freeze followed by a pay cut this year.

    That's what a quarter of a century of loyal service and hard graft gets you.

    1. Absolutely fuck all, that's what.

      I'm in the same position.

  2. I applaud your courage in coming forward to say it as it is. A great pity that not more of your current colleagues feel able to do the same.
    Having chosen to leave HMRC some time ago due to my own mental condition caused by work related stress and a bullying culture all I can suggest is you consider doing the same before your condition worsens.
    Don't bother with the grievance or "resolving disputes" procedure, it is corrupt as evidenced when the fact finder, decision maker and appeals managers all hail from the same management silo as those being complained about.
    Disregard, contempt and total indifference to legislation let alone civil service rules is institutional and literally HMRC is out of control. If management think they can get away with it so be it.
    When the revolving door revolves and a CEO rolls out of the public sector having taken wine with the enemy and then ends up taking their salary you will realise why the UK civil service is no longer as highly regarded as it used to be.
    HMRC's greatest asset, even now, is its staff, although I am sure you find that hard to believe. There still remain a few individual managers with a conscience within HMRC but they are a very small minority.
    As for the numbers of staff affected, it's far more than it appears and the absence reporting figures are flawed, by accident or design or both!
    PCS is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, but then you already know that.

  3. We cannot comment as we have been threatened with breaking civil service protocol and told instant dismissal for commenting on forums, blogs and facebook. Which is why the comments are fewer than they used to be.

  4. That explains a lot of things, I had suspected as much, however when it comes to breaking civil service protocol let alone rules and especially the law of the land HMRC takes pride of place, what a bunch of f#€king hypocrites!
    The arrogance and total absence of accountability of these people is breathtaking, the fact that it has continued unhindered for so long beggars belief.
    It would take a combination of an open inquiry and an IPCC investigation to improve the situation, don't hold your breath folks...
    Strange then that David Cameron as PL said in a speech at Civil Service live such things as "...imposing this top-down system has undermined the morale and judgement of so many public sector workers." and " making sure professionals answer to the public."or"...Make our public services more tans parent, open them up to make them more diverse..." 8/7/2010.
    Well Cameron, WTF went wrong with your reforms?!

  5. You know something is wrong at the heart of the system when following a mental health assessment the psychiatrist tells you you are the 4th HMRC employee seen in recent weeks and that in the opinion of the psychiatrist HMRC managers ought to be prosecuted.

    It's also a bad sign when the Atos Doctor tells you you are covered by the Equality Act and that HMRC should take this into consideration, I had a copy of the Doctors advice proving this and managers still ignored the implications let alone the mandatory risk assessments, impact assessments and every other consideration.

    I left early and although it cost me thousands in lost salary and lump sum plus pension I am relieved to be out of that environment. When managers ignore the advice of their own managers that something could have a serious impact upon people therein lies a good indication of the problem. It's more than arrogance it borders on psychopathy and is widespread involving amoral behaviour and a belief that they are above reproach.

  6. There are some interesting questions raised on this blog from time to time.

    There is an enshrined right and expectation of freedom of speech and views in any decent society. Unless that speech or view breaks the law as in official secrets act or
    defamation then civil servants should be allowed to comment on transgessions by management.

    Given the apparent numbers of staff affected it is strange that the likes of Liberty, Taxpayers Alliance or even Parliament have not taken an interest. Others have alluded to the sheer waste of taxpayers money involved.

    It's all based on bullying and fear, the bullying is undertaken by those with no fear of retribution, as previously alluded to, upon those who fear loss of job and income. Welcome to the world of Lean/Pacesetters!

    It is a pity that PCS does not brief someone like Michael Mansfield to put the management of HMRC in the dock.