HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tax Credits Deadline Extended

Tax does have to be taxing.

Professional Cover Against the Threat of Costly TAX and VAT Investigations

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  1. We are starting to get the emotional blackmail comments from Lin Homer and Ruth Owen with regards the Industrial action taking place on Friday. Stating that the most vunerable people in society will be affected by the disruption. What they don't mention is that the closure of offices and the swathes of cuts of civil servants are just as much disruptive and more permanent than any industrial action. it would seem that EXCOM are getting really desperate now to shift the blame onto its employers rather than their masters.

  2. Think of Excom as Orcs, they do their masters bidding in order to survive, nothing more, nothing less. If ever an Excom member stood up for a staff member that would be unique. As for Homer and Owen, Mordor beckons!

  3. 60% of AA and AO grade claim tax credits. by that reckoning a huge amount of their own staff are amongst the most vunerable people in society too!

  4. Perhaps instead of criticising poorly paid, badly treated staff who have had nil or pay rises below cost of living rise the likes of Homer and Co. ought to look in the mirror at systems, management and out of date non Real Time Information that does actually affect the most vulnerable in society on a regular basis?

    Many of those AA and AO staff are likely to be amongst the next 20k or so staff to be out of work as a result of further cuts. That's when the public will really notice as they try to discuss personal tax issues with an overseas call centre!

  5. Linda Homer's sudden conversion to the cause of social justice in championing the rights of the low paid, hardworking and vulnerable rings rather hollow when you consider the swathes of AAs that she has recently made redundant, not to mention her 20K bonus which more than many people in the department earn in a year.

  6. Homer has left a trail through her career that raises the obvious and previously asked question " how on earth has this woman been appointed to the position I/c HMRC? "
    It beggars belief that anyone with her poor track record (sic) would be in charge of a village fete let alone The Muppet Show! Is there a good conspiracy theory behind this or was she simply the best?! The woman would be out of her depth in a foot bath and is a typical example of all that is wrong in the Civil Service. Let us hope that like the bankers, she and Excom may yet have to repay their bonuses.

  7. PCS has shot itself in the foot again last year Ruth Owen was humiliated when only 10% of calls were answered on 31 July instead of letting her look a fool again this year the dumbo union go and call a strike and give Owen the perfect excuse for calls not being answered on 31 July.

    What a bunch of fools the union are.

  8. PCS admitted last week they have inflicted on their OWN staff.

    - 1% pay rise - same as their own members
    - more than doubling staff pension contributions from 3.5% to 8%
    - slashing staff jobs by nearly 20%

    Pure Hypocrisy!!!

    1. I read the article, WTF have PCS been doing with the subscriptions of over a 1/4 million members to run up a deficit of over £3m FFS !?
      WE Ser wot a not being available for comment, just what is this chap getting paid to do? I can understand not wanting to comment on negotiated staff arrangements but a deficit of over £3m, get him in front of the cameras ASAP!

    2. Should read ...WRT to Serwotka. ..!

  9. What sort of pay rise did Serwotka award himself this year- I bet it wasn't 1%

  10. Carrying on... In 2011 it was revealed that Mr Serwotka had £26,159 paid into his own pension pot every year – £3,309 more than the £22,850 then-average wage of PCS members. My union subs are paying this :(