HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Building Our Future - Sod Off

My thanks to a loyal reader who sent me his impressions of HMRC's Building Our Future event that he attended recently.

Seemingly it was, and I quote here:
"Total crap"
Three directors, one from personal tax, attended and read from hastily prepared scripts. I am advised that one of the directors seemed really bored totally out of his wits.

The conference room was half empty, some of the tables were empty and deserted.

Those who are not willing to share in HMRC's 2020 vision will not have a future at HMRC.

Sadly this "sod off" mantra also seems to apply to the taxpayers, eg pensioners and other vulnerable groups, who are unable to use the internet for their taxes and interactions with HMRC.

The future is firmly in front of us!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. HMRC doesn't believe people don't have access to the internet, if they don't have a personal internet connection they are expected to use the library, goto a friend's house or contact a voluntary agency who can help them.

    It won't be long before the contact centres start being targeted as HMRC tries to do "live help", the contact centres cost too much, they need more people to answer the telephones than they can afford and live help works by having two or three people on the computer screen at once and being able to use "hot phrases" which will save a lot of time and money.

    Anyone in a contact centre watch out, live webcam streaming and live help will not be far away, the telephone service is the new enquiry centre, outdated, costly and not part of "the future of HMRC".

  2. Straight from the horses mouth HMRC, About us, What we do, Priorities, People and leadership:- "Our objective is to improve our leadership capability and create a working environment that motivates our people to give of their best and take pride I working for HMRC in order to contribute to the transformation of our business"

    When you have picked yourself up off the floor and have managed to stop laughing...

    Work in progress as they say, for the 82 members on their current organisational chart, so top heavy it's a wonder it hasn't capsized!

  3. Take a look at 20th conservatives. com and The Legato Group Policy Institute, 36 pages of where we will be dragged screaming, mute or otherwise.
    Once you have a basic grasp of what is driving 2020 you will realise that the messengers are doing what they are told by their Masters. Mordor will be a picnic compared to life in 6 years and a bit!
    When in danger, when in doubt, shout and scream and run about - but it won't change a thing. Doomed I tell ye, doomed, aye!


  4. Not so much "Building Our Future", much more like "Destroying Our Past".

    And Lin Homer's response to a question about the validity of her £20,000 bonus was just jaw dropping and patronising. Bad enough for me to decide that tomorrow I will be on strike. I hope many more do so.

  5. Lin Homer continues her career trail of disaster, brought in as a puppet no doubt. Everything worked well, more or less prior to the creation of HMRC. Staff and public had little to complain about and IR & C&E were able to provide a great service. It was a civil service for the public, not run like a business and believe or not employees really DO CARE about all 'customers'. Things will get even worse for staff and the public over the next few years due to the lack of staff, pacesetter, poor senior management ideas, poor systems, dependence on contact centres, privatisation, the closure of all enquiry offices, digital changeover, the disaster list grows longer. The only hope is when taxes stop flowing to the treasury and the Government takes notice. Like all things they have to run their cycle of change until its rectified but judging by the latest crop of MPs it will take quite a while. The spin doctors are working full time. People need to complain more.

  6. The Building Our Future events are compulsory for HMRC staff, and are presented as a "national conversation" as if the staff somehow have a voice. However there is no indication of the way in which staff views might be taken into account, even when presenters are questioned on the point. This is not a consultation; we merely get the chance to air our views for 40 minutes as some kind of therapy, I suppose. The glossy brochure handed out at the presentation is full of quite explicit messages about those who will be left behind on HMRC's journey. The staff want to do a good job for fair pay and are willing to have their performances judged fairly, but not in accordance with an arbitrary quota system. Lin Homer is happy to admit " I do get paid a lot", but perhaps should have a little humility and a great deal more concern for her staff.

  7. Have a read of today's pcs website regarding redundancies. Digital future! No future for the poor staff who r kicked out. Hopefully they will find a better future.