HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

HMRC's Secret Service

My thanks to a loyal reader who posted the following comment about HMRC's forthcoming Westminster service:
"As an HMRC (IR) member of 25 years I found this both laughable and disgusting, bad enough EXCON giving themselves £30000 bonuses (I got £130) this year they dream uo this load of s***e!

I have made my views clear via the national Hotseat and would urge all other HMRC staff to do the same.

As for invites, nobody I've spoken to knew anything of this, there is nothing on the HMRC Intranet and no Press Briefing, it is a closed shop jolly for the same old faces."
Homer has seriously shot herself in the foot with this.

A service in a Christian church somewhat excludes those who don't believe in god, or who are not Christians (what happened to HMRC's mantra of a diverse and tolerant organisation?).

Why is the event "secret" within HMRC?

I would appreciate seeing the Hotseat responses from Excom to the queries raised by HMRC staff about this.

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  1. The loyal reader obviously knows that even Excom will have identified him/her from the details. This proves conclusively that HMRC employees have had enough and are starting to tell it as it is.

    I have been telling it as it for some years now but I don't care about Excom or any of the other management tw@ts as I left the poisonous enclave a few years ago thankfully.

    In today's Mail, Hefer on p.43 pens a good article entitled RESIGN. I will simply quote the last short paragraph; "But without major change, public confidence in the way Britain is run will soon collapse altogether."

    I submit that we have passed this point, and for a Government body such as HMRC to be allowed to run unchecked is nothing short of a national disgrace. The public, politicians and the professions must share the blame. Homer is a good example of all that is wrong in public service these days, and to repeat an oft quoted fact, her cv speaks volumes.

    However, there is something clearly amiss if Cameron allows such an individual to literally "fiddle as Rome burns" and therein lies the question, not the answer, why?

    BTW, I hope someone has the courage to provide a relevant hot seat answer, if, indeed, one exists! If this "event" turns out to be a self-agrandising backslap by Homer, then she should go, paying back all bonuses of course.


  2. HMRC has always been unaccountable

  3. Your loyal reader is lucky to have received a bonus, 80% of staff got nothing

  4. "All gone quiet over there..."

    What has happened to the apparent 'fizz' created when the news seeped out?

    Also, as previously intimated, has Homer crossed equal opportunity guidance with using a house of God for the backslapping attaboy event to the exclusion of other faiths and minority groups of workers?

    The irony of the situation is bordering on farcical given the continuing poor performance and lack of engagement by HMRC, but the sheeple are unsighted as per norm.