HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dodgy Software

Dodgy Software
Those professionals who are tempted to use HMRC's free software, to help them complete client's tax returns, may care to read this warning message first:

Beware HMRC's dodgy software!

That's the gist of the warning from the ICAEW.

There appears to be a glitch in HMRC's online repayment system where it lets a user request a repayment to a nominee.

Users of the system receive an error message "Please enter the name of your nominee" in the on-screen data field captioned "Name of account holder."

Users can still submit a self assessment return online using HMRC's free software, and can still get repayments but not automatically and not without the taxpayer.

The ICAEW Tax Faculty recommends that users should fill in the return as usual, but not complete the overpaid tax page. Rather than depend on the self-assessment software, accountants should invest in commercial applications which cost as little as £30.


"As we have said previously, the Faculty recommends members to investigate commercial software - available for as little as £30 - rather than relying on HMRC's online product to complete clients' returns."

The software glitch is under investigation by HMRC, and HMRC has apologised for any inconvenience caused, the ICAEW said.

Tax does have to be taxing.

The New Statesman, Britain's leading political magazine is delighted to announce that HMRC Is Shite has been nominated for a New Media Award in the category of Campaign For Change. The campaign for change award will go to the individual or organisation that has most effectively influenced opinions and behaviour through the use of new media technology. The winner of this award will champion a cause and provide information and tools to instigate change.

The full press release can be downloaded here.

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