Thursday 15 January 2009

New CIO Sought

CIO Sought
HMRC is advertising for a new Chief Information Officer (CIO), at £180,000 per annum.

The CIO will be responsible for 1,400 staff, and a budget of £1BN. The successful applicant will oversee the overhaul of HMRC's IT systems and security, and rationalise HMRC's 650 computer systems that cover Paye, National Insurance, child benefit and tax credits etc.

The CIO will also oversee the £2.8BN Aspire (Acquiring Strategic Partners for the Inland Revenue) IT services contract with Capgemini.

Good luck to whoever wins the role.

Is £180K enough for such a Herculean task?

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Wouldn't £180 k be better spent on some front line staff?

    Stil looks like too many chiefs not enough indians to me

  2. You now have 3 at the top doing what was one persons job before and at the front line you have one person doing what was 3 peoples jobs before.
    Why is it there are more and more SCS grades to look after an ever deceasing workforce Jobs for the Boys or what ?

  3. one of the worst poison chalices that the Department has to offer.

    I wouldn't take that job if it was double the money, because whoever does get it will have to deal with restrictive budgets, greedy (and very often useless) contractors, as well as daily changing "important now-forgotten tommorrow" priorities that very often are media (and hence politically)driven.
    The result is that the IT systems are started and never finished.
    A lot of IT is so old (especially VAT) that the programmers no longer exist that can do the old patch jobs so beloved of the Dept. What is needed is PROPER leadership with a STRONG vision, to carry these projects to fruition.

  4. Personally I think £180k is far too much.

    What do all these Senior managers actually do to earn these big salaries. Attend a few meeting (the ones that they don't delegate to various underlings), eat a few business lunches either at taxpayers expense or as a guest of some rich IT firm trying to win another government contract and make the odd decision.

  5. He arrived and on day one he too hurriedly said,"my ambition is to make HMRC computer systems boring, because it works so well". Within 3 months he had stopped answering questions on the Directors' Hotseat" preffering to let members of his team answer.