HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HMRC Online Service Availability

It seems that Phil Pavitt will have a very busy Easter, as there are a number of system upgrades going on in HMRC.

Services will be limited or unavailable between 21.00 on 8 April to 6.00 on 11 April 2012

HMRC’s online services will be closed over Easter for planned system upgrades.

All services will be affected including VAT, corporation tax, self assessment, PAYE and tax credits.

HMRC Online Services will start to close from 21.00 on Thursday 5 April and will remain closed until Wednesday 11 April 2012.

However, not all services will be completely unavailable throughout that period. For example, it will still be possible to submit self assessment returns using commercial software except for a short period (Sunday afternoon), though there will be a delay in getting the electronic acknowledgement.

It is advisable to check the downtime for the particular online service you plan to use. Details for each of them can be found at HMRC Online Services

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  1. This is allow them to add the next year return/tax forms etc. Happens every year, not a big deal and nothing new

    1. Seeing as it happens every year maybe HMRC should work out how to update the services without them being unavailable to the users for so long.

      It is not really a problem in the great scheme of things but is another reflection on the inability of HMRC to provide the services it is supposed to.

  2. VAT will be a simple hell it is. The little boys and girls at the VAT office are fed up losing out VAT on hot food sold in retailers, so we now have the pasty tax. If we buy a pasty in a paper bag, or for that matter fresh bread we must pay standard rate VAT. If we buy similar goods in plastic packaging it is zero rated. So much for green credentials. However, whilst I was on the loo, I came to a tax avoidance solution. Sssh, don't tell Ozzy, he will really be pissed.

  3. “Thanks for calling HMRC help desk we are very busy right now all our advisors are on other call, we are sorry we can not deal with your call at the moment, thanks for calling good bye”


  4. The real granny tax, SA Penalties 2010/2011. Remember the concept of commercial retribution? Gone beyond that, now we have a new stealth tax courtesy of this shitty government and their even shittier civil servants.
    Agent, I have submitted a return and appeal on paper. How long before it is processed?
    HMRC, Mid May.
    Agent, Can we request postponement by telephone.
    HMRC, No.
    Agent, How should I advise my client.
    HMRC, Not our problem.

  5. I have been keeping stats on security checks. Tax credits. If the client is somebody obviously british (smith, brown etc) questioning is at a minimum. Somebody of other ethnic extraction, with a foreign name, the questioning is pretty intensive. Is this racist abuse?

    1. Perhaps look at the stats on tax credit fraud........

      Interestingly, the vast majority of internal HMRC fraud, as reported on our own intranet, seems to be commited by people with names other than Smith, Brown, etc.

      Just sayin..............