HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Some Taxpayers Are More Equal Than Others

Wise words indeed from CIOT:
"HMRC’s communications (perhaps restricted by taxpayer confidentiality), have not recently convinced the public that laws are applied to all taxpayers equally."
They are not just wise but also ironic, given that "confidentiality" doesn't seem to apply to "off the record" briefings to journalists!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. 86 pages of hype and estimation with s smattering of fairy dust and a measure of good hope. HMRC are to be praised, indeed, to have apparently increased the tax take whilst reducing the tax gap along with improved compliance, all this at a time of great austerity and during a time of uncertaainty with systems failing and customers berating whilst the remaining staff are treated as third class citizens.
    A miracle indeed, someone deserves a bonus.
    Just 2 small questions then;
    1. Who provided the statistics to the Stats wizards, and;
    2. What was the figure for 'revenue protected'?
    otherwise, lovely graphics and charts!
    Well done indeed, about time you got some praise.
    Ah, if only.

    1. I detect some cynicism in the above comment and sense they may have knowledge of HMRC's mad world. Tell me if I am wrong but I suspect they might be saying that the celebrated HMRC statistics are a tad dodgy? Surely the only measurement could be 1) how many cases have they 'intervened' on and 2) what is the actual REAL money to the exchequer as a result. Anything different to that, say a very rough, and totally unscientific, estimation of how much future revenue their great work MAY have protected, is for the birds and tells us diddly squat - and I may add to a decent law abiding member of the public would seem totally corrupt (and even more so if HMRC's senior 'leaders' huge bonuses are based around such dodgy figures).

  2. Thats why they had the away days at the footie clubs!

  3. Some Civil Servants Are More Equal Than Others more like...
    Take HMRC - thuggish bullying, pay freezes, inadequate training, insufficient tools for the job, dodgy office accommodation and always having to take the blame for the management's madness, that's the lot for the masses. And away days at Premier League Football Clubs, huge pay & bonuses, gongs for failure, a free pass to bully as much as they like, an apparent blind eye turned to law breaking (as in the case of Dave Hartnett) and hiding away from the public, that's the rather better deal for the management.

    1. HMRC policy states they have 'Zero Tolerance of Bullying', whatever that means? In fact HMRC have great tolerance of bullying; all the staff surveys publically published confirm that. And no, it really is not 'strong management' - its brutal & cowardly mistreatment, trampling all over the targets dignity and basic legal & human rights, carried out for no other reason than the apparent 'pleasure' of the thug doing it. Is it not about time they an independent and wide ranging investigation regarding alleged misconduct within HMRC, with no hiding place and all civil and criminal sanction considered for effective resolution?

  4. Is Dave Hartnett being investigated for his "off the record" disclosure of information? There is no such exemption in the legislation, it was absolutely unlawful. If HMRC do not act, and fast, its going to further damage trust in them. The public might look at it and say if HMRC don't comply with the LAW why should we comply with the tax rules? It stinks.