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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 11 May 2018

SLC Were Warned About Lamey

As loyal readers know, Steve Lamey (ex CIO of HMRC) has featured a few times on this site.

Anyhoo, he is back in the news again following his less than happy time at the infamous Student Loans Company.

The FT reports that civil servants had in fact warned ministers against appointing Lamey as chief executive of the Student Loans Company (he was suspended over misconduct allegations after just over a year in the role).

Lamey was appointed to the SLC in June 2016, when the company was supervised by the business department. Monitoring passed in July 2016 to the Department for Education. He was suspended in July 2017 over a series of allegations, including some brought to the company’s attention by whistleblowers,.

The claims included allegations of:

- bullying behaviour (a prerequisite for management in HMRC, according to many staff who comment on this site),

-the taking out of a lease on a new building without proper approval,

-and unauthorised changes to the SLC’s governance.

Lamey, who denies any wrongdoing, was dismissed in November 2017.

It seems that, according to an NAO report (Investigation into oversight of the Student Loans Company’s governance, and management of its former chief executive) published today, Lamey’s references from HMRC “raised questions about Mr Lamey’s ability to build the right relationships, trust and rapport”.

Business department officials said it would be “too risky” to appoint him and recommended re-running the process. However, an unnamed special adviser at the business department pointed out that Lamey’s 2011-12 performance review at HMRC called him a “top performer”.

The adviser also questioned the fairness of the HMRC references, and raised concerns about the cost of starting a new recruitment process.

Hence warnings about him were ignored!

He was eventually dismissed for gross misconduct in public office over a series of allegations, including breaches of the Nolan principles on standards in public life, guidance on the management of public money and the company’s code of conduct.

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  1. So, the truth comes out at last, and it shows that the rot has reached the very top, quelle surprise!
    Will HMG,NAO,HMIC,IPCC or any organisation with a bit of nous do anything? Doubtful, but there are some dirty and unsightly lumps underr the carpet already, this amount of detritus will need to be covered by a landfill.
    Was he a CP 'graduate' by any chance?
    Things at HMRC must have been far worse than portrayed for civil servants to have warned ministers. At least they no longer will be able to claim they were not aware of bullying atc. at HMRC. Evidence is evidence after all. ;}

  2. Interesting... The Nolan Principles, how would EXCOM stack up?

  3. Never mind principles, what about the various laws broken, ignored and treated with contempt by those concerned within the 'management' tiers?

  4. Lease on new building? Ello ello - one for Mr Plod?

  5. Unauthorised leases on buildings hmmm. I am sure such things wouldn't happen nowdays. I'm almost positive the ten year old BOF project is above reproach. Almost....

  6. The culture in HMRC Senior Management, supported by HR and junior management to the lowest possible management grade, is rotten to the core.

    I was subjected to a nasty & violent campaign by HMRC, which was then covered up by HR function, who further broke the law in submitting deliberately false statements to the Court in order to evade any responsibility for their actions. I was left almost homeless and, to this day, suffer with PTSD as a direct result of HMRC management.

    A junior manager who subjected me to harassment and completely broke the law was very lucky that they were not reported direct to the police. At the time when it happened, I still retained a little faith that there might be one grown up with a little integrity working in HMRC HR or management, who would want to resolve the matter without the need to go down that route. That faith was completely misplaced as I learnt in spectacular fashion and to my great cost. The Chief Executive even lied in a letter to my local MP.

    Are they aware of the bullying and violence perpetuated by a certain individuals inside HMRC? You bet they are.

    And if this scandal is one day completely uncovered, there will be NO opportunity for them to deny knowledge.

    Get the authorities into HMRC and bring the rogues to justice (including those criminals who have subsequently been allowed to retire on taxpayer funded exit packages).

    Just one question - why do HMRC management and HR have so little respect for the rule of law or the values of honesty & integrity?

  7. This article is no surprise, as HMRC has had its share of useless 'leaders' at the top.
    They're often only there for a few years before they leave, but the damage they do to morale and service unfortunately remains behind them.

    Equally unfortunately, they're often re-employed elsewhere by another public body.

  8. Just ask Lin Homer what she knows about the bullying culture during her time mismanaging this failed organisation!

    1. Why not ask the current Chief Executive Jon Thompson? He lied in a letter to an elected MP in an attempt to avoid scrutiny.

      Thompson bangs on about social mobility etc but how would Mr Liar like to be dealing with PTSD as a result of serving HMRC?

  9. I remember Lamey very well when I was in the Dept. We all thought he was an odious cretin feathering his own nest, increasing his "competences" (whatever that word is supposed to mean) ready for the big jump into the top flight. I'm so glad he has had his come-uppance, well deserved!

    1. Why does HMRC have so many odious cretins in its senior ranks

  10. Aren't HMIC supposed to oversee HMRC?
    There is a lot of law breaking - CRIMINAL AND CIVIL - going uninvestigated and unpunished.
    The very people who we are supposed to trust to uphold the tax laws have scant regard for the law and are sticking two fingers up to staff and public .

  11. What is this building lease business?

  12. Can't say that HMRC corruption is any surprise.

  13. What building is this lease about? Where? When? Who? How much?

  14. Which building? When? How much?