HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 6 August 2018

HMRC Is Clueless

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Well that was a total waste of time.

    Here is something that is not:

  2. Interesting to read the Telegraph piece about alleged misconduct involving HMRC officers. The outcome will be revealing in many ways.

    When my partner worked for HMRC and was unlawfully hounded out of the organisation, serious misconduct occurred right up to the highest level.

    So it really resonates to read the article saying: "...documents disclosed to him show a web of collusion between parties...maintains that he was the target of a malicious campaign".

    In the case to which I refer, management, across the grades, colluded with HR to cover their tracks as regards law breaking, both criminal and civil in nature.

    When legal proceedings were instituted against HMRC, fake documents, retrospective documents masquerading as contemporaneous notes, conflicting accounts from the same corrupt manager, and outright lies were submitted as 'evidence' by HMRC. HMRC's legal department knew, who ought to have known (it was made clear to HMRC on numerous occasions) that this was a morally repugnant manner in which to treat a long serving member of staff, an officer who had integrity those involved in the cover-up lack, and furthermore that their behavior in persisting down that route was a deliberate attempt to deny justice i.e. perverting the course of justice.

    Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt...that's HMRC.

    There will be many say that it's long overdue to see an overarching investigation into HMRC misconduct with prosecutions against individual officers - both present and, yes, those in the past who believe they have escaped accountability for conduct.

  3. Anyone doubting that conspiracy exists as a fact within HMRC has their head in the sand or somewhere darker!
    Read the legal definition of contempt if unsure, here's a clue;
    The essential element of the crime of conspiracy is the agreement by two or more people to carry out a criminal act. Even if nothing is done in furtherance of the agreement, the offence of conspiracy is complete.

    The actus reus is the agreement. This cannot be a mere mental operation; it must involve spoken or written words or other overt acts. If the defendant repents and withdraws immediately after the agreement has been concluded, s/he is still guilty of the offence.

    There must be an agreement to commit the criminal offence, but the motives of the conspirators are irrelevant.


    Common Law Conspiracies

    It is an offence triable only on indictment to agree:

    a. to defraud, whether or not the fraud amounts to a crime or even a tort;
    b. to do an act which tends to corrupt public morals or outrage public decency, whether or not the act amounts to a crime (see Archbold 33-34).

    (Copied from CPS Inchoate Offences)

    IOPC - now?

    Probably not, there has been worse over the years, and abuse of process is a recurring theme.

    Drain the Swamp!

  4. The sad fact is that they will trot out the usual 'Sorry' and 'Lessons have been learned' script. Then quickly booted into the long grass and forgotten.

    1. If an individual 'everyday citizen' breaks the law, they are held accountable.

      If an individual hmrc employee breaks the law, HMRC help them cover it up in certain circumstances.

      So, while I get it that the 'sorry' and 'lessons have been learned' baloney helps the hmrc collective off the hook, why, actually, are individual hmrc workers not made accountable?

      Its obvious looking from the outside that criminality in any organisation will only be dealt with by investigation and sanction. Fail to do that, the problem will only grow & grow, as appears the case with the taxman.

  5. It's an organisation in need of urgent reform to bring in a more disciplined culture. By that I mean a culture of zero tolerance to law-breaking, violence, bullying, harassment, bigotry and discrimination.

    HMRC need a Sir Robert Mark type figure; to clean it up and restore the trust & confidence of the public and the staff.

    When HMRC believe they have a perfect right to construct complete fabrications to thwart legal proceedings from injured members of their own staff, then it's clear things have been getting a little bit out of hand inside HMRC...