HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 4 January 2019

How To Get a Knighthood by Jon Thompson

How to get a knighthood by Jon Thompson.

A short story in chapters.

1. work for HMRC

2. preside over numerous failures

3. ride roughshod over the rule of law

4. ignore HoL report

5. drive workers to suicide and bankruptcy

6. say you are 'committed christian'

 *slow handclap* (source

Write to if you object to Thompson's knighthood .

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  1. Gongs and Knighthoods seem a perk of the job when overseeing the shithole. Laurel and (taxation is legalised theft) Hardy just got one each. Homer got one. Strathie got one. I don't think Paul Gray did or that other delightful specimen Davey and the Doddy episode. Varney did and Nick Montague.

    Nice work if you can get it

  2. Sad thing is senior management don't give 2 fucks.

  3. Watch this shite if you can stay awake....blah blah blah

  4. The gong normally precedes the departure announcement, doesn't it?

  5. It will. Just before March so brown stuff doesn't land on him.

  6. HMRC tends to be the last stop on the Gravy Train. The establishment revolving door stops revolving.

    There's not been much heard about the last one Homer. She's probably in Barbados enjoying the good life.

  7. Isn't/wasn't she an advisor to some university body?

    1. No, she's on the council for ICAS and will be for a few years yet

  8. I am still trying to work out how the top brass of a public sector department that continuously fails its 'customers' and staff wrt service, comes last or pathetically close to last in a decade or so of civil service staff/people reviews and which is so reviled acrosss the piste whilst able to have CEO's being awarded top gongs and all management strata appearing to be top performers with associated bonus awarded?
    It beggars belief and speaks volumes for the disdain with which government and civil service managers view the population of GB.
    Add to this the sheer and huge waste of taxpayers honest donations to the treasury coffers while the various individuals and companies make a mint out of tax avoidance and evasion with apparent ease and little chance of retribution let alone paying their full due.
    The public are unsighted on the broader issues and smoke and mirrors combined with lies and denial cover what is actually happening.
    Perhaps the eventual open publication of the leaked review as recently unearthed will be the leverage required to get the whole pile of effluent sorted.

  9. if you get the top job in HMRC then a gong is assured regardless how much you fuck up.

  10. Hah! Just seen a BBC Wales news article on the problems associated with cigarette smuggling in Wales...
    Estimated, by respected experts in the field, that the problem is 1 million illicit cigarettes/day.
    It appears that HMRC have devolved their 'revenue responsibilities' to Trading Standards!
    Typical of the crap management decisions made by National & Regional management.
    What I will state is that the Regional Mupett managers should not have allowed the bullying and harassment of a Regional team of Intelligence Officers that achieved and sustained both national and international acknowledgement for its achievements.
    To be replaced by a team I will stop there, it would be unfair and unjust to dilute any blame onto those merely doing their job!
    All credit to Trading Standards Cymru for continuing to play a hand with no 'royals' left in the pack.
    Oh yes, and if Wales is an example of the situation throughout the UK, you had better not add tobacco to the equation and just stick with fags!
    BTW, did someone mention the revenue lost, or was it an echo of 'revenue protected'?

  11. In today's Civil Service World it confirms that HMRC is the unhappiest major department.14% report bullying.
    Does this merit a knighthood?
    Should middle management (SO grade) expect a customary annual bonus and be anticipating an upward move to Grade 7?
    They would definitely believe they are worth it.
    An absolutely dreadful place to work in which dissenting voices are stamped down on hard!

    1. Fucking incredible isn't it....Thompson doesn't give a shit.
      His knighthood was splashed all over the internal intranet...we had the usual brown nosers licking his arse...but interestingly there were dissenting voices....and they received hundreds of likes and opposed to single figure likes for Sir Jon's lickspittles.
      What a surprise that the comments section was closed on Friday.... before the Xmas returnees arrived back.
      Despicable bastards.

  12. HMRC's thuggery towards their own staff is a national disgrace. NO MEMBER OF HMRC STAFF WHATSOEVER SHOULD BE GETTING ANY HONOURS (save as to those awarded for activities outside of their job) until we have had a major investigation into a range of misconduct including thorough dishonesty in attempting to cover it all up.

    Well, with reported leaks of internal reports wrt bullying, and more staff being prepared to speak out, the time is coming when those guilty parties will be held to account.

    What taxpayers have to ask is, if HMRC treat staff in such a disgusting inhumane way, and then HMRC goes above & beyond in a failed attempt to ensure the ugly truth never sees the light of day, how on earth can they be TRUSTED to handle tax matters objectively, confidentially and HONESTLY?

    Good luck to all those currently engaged in various disputes with HMRC - you are dealing with the most dishonest organisation I have ever known.

    1. Take away Thompson's 'knighthood'...and ffs investigate what's going on in HMRC

  13. Unfortunately it goes with the job - the previous incumbent Homer got an undeserved honour, but at least she didn't hide how she felt about staff's happiness or pay.

    Thompson came in with the usual propaganda about listening, changing, engaging with staff etc..................then carried on with business as usual.

    Excom are failing taxpayers (or customers if you prefer their term), they're failing staff, they're failing the country and what's worse is they're completely untouchable.
    Other than the occasional PAC, which while making interesting reading, achieves nothing, nobody else can hold them to account.

    Then there's the ever revolving door at the top, where people come in, make things worse by introducing garbage, then leave for a better paid job elsewhere.

    Good luck to any taxpayer or staff member if you have a dispute with HMRC. They are the most immoral and hypocritical organisation ever.

    1. Spot on. "...what's worse is they're completely untouchable..." = the corruption continues unchecked.

  14. After watching the sheer disgrace that is Parliament a good suggestion would be to buy a yellow vest, gas mask and stock up on food. ROFL
    No wonder HMRC is getting away with everything!
    What a mess and a disgrace the UK powers that be are.

    1. They wont be getting away with it forever. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't need to pay Tax anymore..