Tuesday 17 January 2023

HMRC Strike Ballot


PCS are balloting their HMRC members about going to strike.

Whatever the outcome, the long suffering taxpayers won't notice any change in the quality/speed of service:

- you can't email HMRC

- webchat never has a human present

- phone lines are jammed and often cut off

- HMRC take weeks to open letters, let alone respond/action them.

Tax does have to be taxing.

Tax Investigation Insurance

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  1. This is just pure greed from a far left union that fails to represent it's members.

    I've posted before. I lost my home, career, health and marriage as a consequence of bullying while employed by HMRC. That bullying was covered up the higher ups. I am sadly not the only case. HMRC has destroyed numerous ex staff. What I share in common with other victims is that PCS Union fails to intervene, fails to advise, fails to represent, and turns a blind eye to more than 80% of bullying cases. Why? They have governance issues, ergo clear conflicts of interest both among the full time union staff and the lay reps whose wages are paid by the taxpayer. Their culture perpetuates HMRC's bullying culture. The irony is unsuspecting victims pay for the PCS oxygen thieves.

    Here we are again with PCS advising members to vote for something which will lose them pay and get them nowhere.

    For heaven's sake PCS, read the room!!!

    The majority HMRC staff receive more than generous salaries allied with job security for life (if they brown nose the right people).

    The public have had enough. Taxpayers find the idea of huge pay increases totally unpalatable.

    1. "I've posted before", no kidding!
      How do you come up with the 80% figure?
      What are the governance issues?
      What are the conflicts of interest?
      Who are the unsuspecting victims, why are they unsuspecting and how do they pay?
      How have HMRC 'destroyed' numerous ex staff if those staff have job security for life?

      Just asking out of curiosity.

      By the way, how's your campaign to make the criminals pay going. Or have you suddenly lost interest now you've been paid to go away.

  2. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul ...

    I'm alright Jack...


  3. Another dressing down for the department following their treatment of the general public. Not that they give a toss. 'Sorry' then swiftly forgotten.

    I hope it sets a precedent and they get another day out at the Public Account Committee.


  4. This HMRC department is corrupt. No pay increases required, just abolish it. Meanwhile, ongoing and historic cases of bullying and abuse must be investigated - with no hiding place for the abusers, even if they have retired from HMRC. And, with the vetting processes of the police currently being discussed in the media, it's about time that ALL HMRC staff were re-vetted. It's deeply disturbing that HMRC Field Force shambles are sent round to vulnerable people's homes without enhanced DBS checks having ever been carried out. With so many abusive people amongst HMRC (just Google "HMRC Bullying" and see for yourself) we need to know that the public are safe.
    This is a great website, please keep up the good work highlighting the issues the SLT would prefer to keep quiet 👍

    1. Interesting. When I was a Field Force Officer, I came across a male colleague who was a volunteer with the Air Training Cadets (ATC) but believed he was a RAF Officer. These people are completely unhinged and needed to be vetted.

      Ps. I wouldn't dream of naming former colleagues, but do know that this person is now located in Norfolk. He creates a lot of complaints by his arrogant but sheepish persona. A potential risk for sure.

    2. @18/1 13:40 Yep, that sounds about right. I am another victim of HMRC bullying. Worked in a Local Compliance Office. Had a bullying, female SO line manager. She was an HMRC lifer. A spectacularly uninspiring person who should never have got above AA. She had a bizarre obsession with the armed forces (weird given her civilian background) and teaching (her boyfriend worked at a low market private school), and repeated the mantra that Senior Management "pay our wages" on a daily basis. Furthermore, she was (and probably still is) a compulsive liar. Completely round the bend, and I hope she has been able to get the help she needs.
      But is such person fit to be authorising tax assessments for six figure sums?

    3. Further to the above, it's been reported that police forces UK-wide have been asked to check their officers against a national database to spot rogues in an attempt to kick out scumbags like Dave Carrick.

      As HMRC are looked at by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, they too should be instructed to get on with this task for their own staff as a matter of urgency. Obviously, the priority needs to be those who meet potentially vulnerable people in their homes e.g. Field Force.

  5. Sold for £1 Million in 2018 to a Guernsey based company.