HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 8 October 2012

HMRC Debt Collection Survey

As loyal readers know, the subject of HMRC's debt collection procedures/manners features regularly on this site. It appears that it is not only a subject that vexes this site's loyal readers, but also others.

The Tax Faculty of the ICAEW is also concerned about the issue, and has asked for people to contact them if they have problems (eg being chased for debt that is not due):
"We have been aware for some time from reports from members that HMRC debt collection processes need improvement.

Recent member reports include:
  • the taxpayer being chased for tax that is not due or where there is a repayment to offset against the tax due;
  • debt collection agencies do not have up to date information about liabilities;
  • HMRC does not have you identified as the authorised agent; and
  • it is difficult to get through to HMRC to discuss the individual case.
We are interested to hear from you so that we can see whether these are one off problems or they are more widespread.

Help us identify the areas which cause the most problems and where the debt collection processes can be streamlined or improved. Please post a comment below with
  • examples of problems you have encountered, and
  • how you think the process can be improved
These problems waste agents’ and HMRC’s valuable time. HMRC and professional bodies are reviewing HMRC’s debt collection processes as part of the Action on HMRC service initiative. See the latest statement HMRC service issues improvement initiative – August 2012 update"
Feel free to post your experiences here, I can forward them to the ICAEW if necessary.

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  1. I tried following the lik Ken, couldn't find the relevant but it could be me

    Hows about unable to get through to HMRC by telephone
    Letters unanswered
    No debt but HMRC owe me
    Debt collector who turned up without any ID
    (Got short shrift but threatened to take my car on a low loader)
    EVENTUALLY an apology and £50 from HMRC
    HMRC – a joke

    HMRC failures to deal adequately with the deaf.

  2. These incompetent idiots have sent me two letters in the past 8 weeks or so. The first was for a £1200 'fine' for not filling out tax returns between 2006 and 2011. Er, 'scuse me, but I was a full time Civil Servant on PAYE for most of the last 21 years (briefly self employed between 1995-7 and all tax/NI up to date). Since when have I had to fill out a tax return when in PAYE employment? The more recent letter claims I owe £660 in Class 2 NI - doesn't even specify a year or date - and says debt recovery proceedings will be started, then this morning, I received a letter from a debt recovery agency. I wouldn't mind if I actually owed them something but I don't. In fact, they owe me, as I took voluntary redundancy from the Civil Service last July, worked VOLUNTARILY for one year for a local charity and then rejoined the Civil Service in August. I have managed to get through once on the phone to these fuckwits and I might as well be talking to a brick wall. There had better well be a fucking apology for wasting my time and how about some interest on my overdue refund?