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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Query Re HMRC's IT Shutdown

Regarding HMRC's shutdown until Monday of various IT systems (for upgrading), will this form of shutdown occur when RTI is up and running?

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  1. Probably.

    The shutdown which is currently under way is one of two which occur every year (the other one in April).

    The April ones are usually just to adjust HMRC's systems to include the new tax year (and to drop any out-of-date years from those systems).

    The October ones are usually (as in this case) to do with other 'enhancements' to the system to try to improve their performance. This time, for example, it includes changes to try to get the Self Assessment and Pay As You Earn computer systems to play more nicely with each other.

    RTI won't make any difference to either of these as far as I can see. The RTI information passed from employers to HMRC will simply be queued to be run onto the PAYE system once it goes back live.

  2. RTI ! Do you think it will ever work .The pilot office dont think so and with screwups like stagecoach doubt it ever will . But it is working to design so it must be ment to srew everyone over ?