HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 26 October 2012

Question About Dorothy Brown

My thanks to a loyal reader who has reached out to me, asking for input from HMRC staff about Dorothy Brown (HMRC's Director of HR Operations).

According to my loyal reader some HMRC staff are a tad "peeved" at how the ongoing promotion exercise is going in HMRC.

Would this be the same promotion exercise that I wrote about recently thusly?
"Around 500 or so Admin Assistant grade (the bottom grade) employees have been promoted by one grade to Assistant Officers.

I understand that they were picked by their managers and all they had to do was say yes, not a form in sight.  This of course has upset some who previously had to work very hard producing a CV of competences and be interviewed to get the same result, some very recently
Anyhoo, I am given to understand that Ms Brown recently announced that at least half the applications made by staff would be rejected/binned halfway through the process. Apparently this has not gone down well.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further information/details about this.


As ever, comments and views are always welcome.

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  1. Yes the good old HMRC have been making a complete fist of the promotions right through the grades from HO down to AO.Two colleagues were rejected on promotion from AO to O in the recent trawl to E & C, approx 30 years experience between them, good at their job and would have been an asset whether picked as a caseworker or manager.
    Who got picked?
    Two other colleagues who IMO couldn't find their arse with both hands but could spout "Pacesetter priciples" to all and sundry, complete and utter nonsense.

    1. Cheer up.

      Remember the Civil Service has a long history of strange promotions. Among the many weird and wonderful people they have identified as being the 'right stuff' by management in the past was mass murder and necrophiliac Dennis Nilsen who was somehow thought more worthy of promotion to Executive Officer by his bosses at the Job Centre than any of his colleagues

  2. Thats one of the reasons why I am quite happy NOT wanting to be promoted.

  3. This method of promotion sounds like the one that was in effect when I joined HMRC in the 60s! Are these promotions to adminster the shambles that will be the claw back of child benefit? (Which I think is against the principles of indepandant taxation).I predict that it will need major compliance resources to make sure that it happens as few people understand the implications, some partners are unaware what their other half earns and people ignore forms. Any HMRC staff out there who can throw some light on how it will operate?

  4. I'll tell you a little bit about a story (factual) that shows how far down the pan HMRC has gone, and there is still a long way to go to reach ground zero.
    I had to retire this year on an actuarily reduced pension after almost 40 years of service with HMRC and one of its previous compont parts. In the circumtances I was neither in receipt of any salary and SSP had ceased, luckily DWP approved higher rate of ESA.
    This inept bunch of halfwits that were my previous employers a part of which (DWP) pays the ESA, managed, after graciously paying me a reduced pension and reduced lump sum, recently issued me with a tax code requiring payment of 40% tax on the meagre amount of my pension exceeding the limit for tax free, which should have attracted tax at standard rate. They actually showed me in receipt of a £30k salary plus ESA of around £20k (I wish).
    So, what's the problem I hear the psychophants and Pacesetter Evangelists and other ne'r do wells scream.
    Quite simple really, if they can't get it remotely right when they already hold the information to make a correct tax coding (due to them paying the f'in salary, ESA and eventually my pension) with RTI looming over the horizon what hope does Joe Public, the "customer" or taxpayer have?!!!
    So, what do HMRC and HR have in common?
    I leave that to the imagination of anyone with a modicum of common sense to dwell upon.