HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

HMRC Goes Digital

Mark Dearnley (HMRC's new Chief Digital Information Officer) recently told delegates at the Ignite conference that HMRC will become a "fully accessible digital business”.

He is quoted by ComputerWorldUK:
This is not a big bang programme, we are doing this agile, in two-week sprints.”
Seemingly HMRC will become a digital public service built on agile methods, open source software and internally developed skills.

Dearnley noted that HMRC needs to reduce its operating costs by 22%.

Dearnley quoted some statistics:
We send out 193 million letters a year and receive 20 million letters and 73 million inbound calls.

There’s a huge amount more we can do.”
We will aim for a single view of the customer that you will be able to log on to and view. Business and individuals will be able to have a tax account just like an online bank account.
The offer will be tailored for the most tech savvy to the least.”
Dearnley said that real time information will also enable HMRC to inform taxpayers that a submission has been received and checked.
Self-service means you get an instant answer.” 
There will also be a change to the six monthly roll-outs:
Today we do two roll-outs a year and the systems go down for four days a year. Instead we are going to move to frequent roll-outs that happen over-night."
Dearnley's vision is to use as much open source as possible, with his happiness being maximised by "a cloud provider certified to IL3 for open stack data.”

As ever comments and views are welcome from all. 

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  1. Fine words.

    But remember - it won't fuckin' work. As usual.

  2. Did not Pavitt start out with almost exactly the same promises.

    Indeed, has not the 'single taxpayer view' been the IT holy grail for the Revenue going right back to the days of Steve Matheson.

    They did not manage it then and I doubt they are going to do so under Dearnley unless HMG agree to a huge rewrite and simplification of the Taxes Acts. I see no signs that the Treasury have any plans to undertake the sort of root and branch reform of the tax legislation to make this feasible.

  3. Agile? Agile?? HMRC is as agile as a concrete oil tanker.