HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Homer's Once and Done

Yesterday I wrote:
"In a remarkable piece of analysis of 34,000 tweets sent to @HMRCgovuk, carried out by Citizens Advice, it transpires that taxpayers are incurring an average phone bill of £4.66 phone bill and waiting of 47 minutes before getting to speak to anyone at HMRC."
Lin Homer has responded and, as per the BBC, told PAC:
"I don't think the overall trend is worsening.

We aren't answering enough calls within five minutes, but we are now doing more 'once and done' calls.

We have already apologised for what we see as a failure in our performance at the end of last year, and the first couple of months of this year."
As a result of "once and done" calls, she said that some conversations were getting longer. She said HMRC was "aiming to get better".

The total number of calls answered by HMRC fell from 79% in 2013/14, to 72.5% in 2014/15, according to the NAO.

Just 39% of calls were being answered within five minutes.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Here's two radical solutions.......stop getting rid of staff and train them for the job before you throw them to the poor public,u thicko !!

    The hole in the ship is getting bigger.......Capt Homer

  2. It's astounding in the year 2012/13 when they announced the proposals to close EC's it was under the assumption that calls could be dealt with, in the next year when it was decided to close them again we were told by Ruth Owen that this wouldn't be a problem etc etc, now in the year since the EC's have closed we again here the same old shit from Lin Homer.

    But listen up there is a new excuse did you all notice it, it's no longer people phoning in for things they could have done online, or tax credit renewals or sa returns it is "SOME CONVERSATIONS ARE GETTING LONGER".

    So let's look at this from a HMRC solution: phone calls are getting longer why? because we have introduced "once & done" so ermm Lin, Ruth what can we do? ermm I know drop once & done this will shorten each call..brilliant!! let's do it.

    Fast forward to September 2016: We are answering the calls quicker but more people are ringing what can we do Lin, Ruth ermmm I know why don't we introduced a system where things are done once in one call brilliant!! we can call it "done once" yeh let's go for it....

    1. Put that forward in your 3Cs......mark it as a success....and claim your £20 simply thanks voucher !!!

      What a circus of an organisation !!

  3. 'Once and done' was once called 'whole case working' but we were told we couldn't call it that. They just won't admit that Pacesetter/Lean etc is dead and all but buried. When is Gauke going to call time on the Homer, Ruth Owen and co?

  4. Is this clown still getting her £20k bonus this year?