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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 13 November 2015

100 Parliament Street To Remain HMRC’s HQ

My thanks to loyal reader for forwarding me a copy of yesterday's announcement posted on the HMRC intranet.

"Ironically" 100 Parliament Street will remain as HMRC’s HQ!

Here is the full text:

Animation: locations overview

HMRC is transforming into a smaller, more highly-skilled organisation. 

These changes mean we’ll be able to deliver better public services at lower cost to the taxpayer.

To achieve this, we are now taking the next step in our 10-year modernisation programme.  

The way that we’re currently organised, across 170 offices, simply doesn’t make business or financial sense.

That’s why we're bringing the department together into 13 big, modern regional centres, equipped with the digital infrastructure and training facilities we need to make HMRC fit for the demands of the 21st century. 

There will also be a scaled-back presence in our Westminster headquarters and four Specialist Sites to cover work that cannot be done elsewhere.

The regional centres will offer high-quality jobs and opportunities for training and career development. 

As a national organisation, HMRC will maintain a significant presence serving every English region, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

     The North East will be in Newcastle
     The North West – one in Manchester and one in Liverpool
     Yorkshire and the Humber – in Leeds
     The East Midlands – in Nottingham
     The West Midlands –  in Birmingham
     Wales – in Cardiff
     Northern Ireland – in Belfast
     Scotland – one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh
     The South West – in Bristol
     To serve London, the South East and East of England, we're creating two regional centres – one in Stratford and one in Croydon.

100 Parliament Street will remain as HMRC’s HQ, albeit with fewer people based there.

We’re going to retain four sites for specialist work - in Dover, Worthing, Telford and Gartcosh.

A number of touchdown locations will serve HMRC’s mobile customer service teams and compliance field workers.

We’ll also keep some Transitional Sites open for between five and ten years, as stepping stones to Regional Centres.

These are East Kilbride, Washington, Ipswich, Reading and Portsmouth.
We’ve tried hard to keep the impact on our workforce to a minimum. That’s why more than 90 per cent of people will be within Reasonable Daily Travel of either a Regional Centre or one of the Transitional Sites.. 

We do recognise that everyone is different and that there’s no single answer that will cover everyone, as people have very different circumstances, which is why it is important that we hold one-to-ones with everyone. 

That’s why you will have an opportunity to discuss your personal circumstances with your manager ahead of any office closure or move.

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  1. All in it together see....except if your Homer and her Cronies.

  2. The "reasonable daily travel" may be fine for those workers with no dependants, caring responsibilities or health problems. Those who work part-time, have disabilities, caring responsibilities may find it difficilt to commute a longer distance and manage their responsibilities . HMRC will be hoping they will all leave and reduce potential redundancies.