HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

HMRC Grips The Issue - Don't Believe The Hype!

A spokesman for HMRC is quoted by International Adviser, talking about the closure of HMRC offices and HMRC's "improved" performance:

We recognise our customer service has not been good enough recently and apologise to all those who have found it difficult to talk to us. 

We have gripped this issue and recruited around 3,000 new staff in our customer teams, also moving an extra 900 HMRC people on to customer correspondence in recent months.

These improvements have started to make a difference. This month, we have answered more than 80% of calls, and average queue times are now around 10 minutes.
Well that's all very fine and dandy, except that it's bollocks.

The reality is, as a loyal reader pointed out to me, that of course performance has improved in November that's because November and December are quiet months.

Wait until January, then we will see how HMRC copes!

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  1. Just announced. HMRC to have a cumulative 21% budget reduction by 19/20 as per the spending review next week. Services will no doubt be worse.

  2. A bare faced lie there is not 3000 new staff manning the phones, they have been taken from other work areas, so the problem of backlog has shifted. Lying comes naturally to EXCOM.

  3. Anonymous at 17.34, there were 3000 new staff started, all on much inferior contracts to the existing staff, those that they have just finished, or are about to finish, supposedly for flexible working, but having to work some days until 8pm & some Saturdays to fit in with the phone line opening times. I have heard that HMRC are hemorrhaging new staff, not sure how many of the 3000 have left already.