HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 16 November 2015

Building Our Future - Dorothy Brown Speaks

Director of personal tax, Dorothy Brown, is quoted by The Star saying that HMRC would do as much as possible to keep staff.
We want to retain as many staff as possible which is why we have given people five or six years’ notice so they have time to look at their choices and options. 

We fully appreciate the move might be difficult in certain personal circumstances but we will work with staff on retaining or upskilling them.

If people do want to travel we will support them, perhaps helping out with travel costs if it is more expensive and we will put together a series of HR packages. We are committed to keep as many staff as possible.
I doubt that!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Hahaha great pic - I bet Dorothy Brown looks at people when they say they want money to help them relocate and say "That's nice!"

  2. A pack of liars. Dorothy and others like her will probably be gone in a few years, so its nothing for her to worry about. If you claimed 2 quid on a travel cost they would hound you down to get it back.

  3. They lied at the Building Our Future events. We have been sold down the river. I wouldn't believe a word Mrs Brown as much as I wouldn't believe a word Ms Homer says. Stabbed in the back everyone of us.

  4. Absolute bollocks.....EXCOM don't have the balls to admit these are technically constructive dismissals......fuck you Homer !!!

    1. Thats exactly the words I used today "constructive dismissal" and thats exactly what it is!....well said 15.47

  5. It's Fecking Shite I tell you!
    There's lies, damned lies, then there's fecking Excom statements.
    Even the Lean/Pacesetter acolytes will lose under the coming cuts (tough titties my dears, yer fecked!)

  6. And so the dismissal process begins, since Friday they have been handing out Personal Improvement Plans to go with the Needs Improvement markings like confetti in my office :(

  7. The deal is supposed to be 3 years Travel Expenses paid, like fuck it is. Because its a benefit in kind you get taxed on it add your NI and because its pensionable and you pay pension contributions on it, that's effectively a third off so you end up with 2 years instead. Bastards conveniently didn't mention that did they. Make the adjustment so we get the full 3 years you promise us, you thieving shitehawks. They just can't help themselves they keep sticking the knife in again and again and again,