HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 21 December 2015

HMRC Staff Engagement 2015 - 45%

Congratulations to HMRC for coming almost bottom in the 2015 Civil Service People Survey wrt staff engagement as published 16 November (yes, I know I'm late with this!).

The median employee engagement index was 58%, HMRC scored 45% (only three other departments scored lower).

Bonuses all round then eh?

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  1. Wow, gone 18:30 and nobody seems to have an interest?

    What's the matter with you lot, not got the stomach for it?

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

    1. No one is interested because EXCOM have deemed 45% a success....they can spin any disaster positively !!

  2. I read the disemmination of the figures, the way it was reported you would have thought HMRC had had a wonderful year and everything was tickety boo. The whole survey is a sham. Questions were worded and weighted so that no real negativity could be implied in the results. Its utter bollocks and if EXCOM gets bonuses of the back of this it just villifies the lack of empathy from the top and the mistrust that exists in the organisation towards our peers. The reorganisation is the final straw, they have stabbed everyone in the back, i for one will not go to any Building our Future events , many colleagues have no future, EXCOM made damn well sure of that. I hope they choke on their bonuses if they most likely get them.

    1. We had the usual wannabe's holding engagement sessionscat the worship the whiteboard meetings telling people how to answer the questions and what they "really" mean.

  3. I find it difficult to believe that this particular report has seen so few comments.
    But then, having seen life on the inside I realise so many of the staff are like a combination of bunny rabbits caught in headlights and lemmings.
    Shame on you.

  4. Hey, at least staff were left to answer the survey questions without any coaching on how to answer them. No, sorry, got that wrong as in my section staff were coached via a nice little print out 'explaining' how questions should be interpreted.

    As for staff being caught in the headlights, many just don't give a flying fuck and are either waiting for early retirement, looking for another job or living in hope they will get an exit package. I know for a fact that some are sitting tight for their payoff, even if it takes 5 years.

    As for taking action, many have tried and failed, as the government and press do not give a toss about HMRC staff and the public only see us as workshy layabouts who don't answer the phones. As for challenging locally, this results in being placed into the bottom 10%, which can very quickly escalate into formal action.

    1. Well, I don't disagree with a thing you have outlined.
      However, where are the PCS in all this, still chasing their arses and Trotskyite philosophy I suppose, with a promise of promotion maybe?

      Da management have worked out the feeling on the factory floor to a minute detail and use outside advisors to plan the outcome of the staff survey, obviously before structuring it.
      They woukd not have got away with this in the old 'Cussie's' department, but then, we dealt with reality and many areas of face to face law enforcement.
      The sheeple have got the management they deserve, unfortunately.

    2. As a safety rep I agree with you in part. PCS dropped the ball when HMRC adopted the cabinet office dictat that protected Statutary time to represent members H&S interests is protected in law but HMRC choose to ignore this fact. PCS believe the department will counter claim this challenge with "Our place of work is not as dangerous as a shipyard." Bollocks. Different risks. The law is the law and HMRC is breaking it by pretending we are not allowed the tome to protect your safety at work. Those of us who have tried to protect your basic human rights are punished for trying. See and type Jonathan Donovan. Members statutory rights come first. PCS Should grow a set.

  5. I frankly wonder why i am in the PCS, they have been the most toothless, hand wringing bunch of losers i ever had the misfortune to put my trust in to fight for my interests. The figurative Rome (HMRC) is burning around them and all they can do is fiddle. Frankly their reaction has been pathetic, watch the membership plummet, not just through the people who will be leaving the department and have no need of their services (whatever that may mean) and those of us who have been increasingly disengaged with the union for its lack of backbone. Indeed the PCS were more preoccupied with making sure everyone was signing their DD's because the subs are no longer being taken directly our of members wages. Nice that they got their priorities right there then!

    1. A union is (largely) the sum total of its members. If you really are a member and reckon that things aren't being done properly and you can do better then get yourself nominated for election. Offices and Branches will he holding their annual elections early in the New Year. It's people like you with a real get-up-and-go attitude that we need.

    2. *will BE holding*

    3. The PCS is 'supposed' to represent the interests of its members and ensure job security and even at times to work with the management (shock, horror etc.).
      It has spent vast quantities of members hard earned subs on inflated salaries and new offices.
      The TUC should be looking closely at the ineptitude of the current PCS and censure the useless beggars at very least fortheir gross failings. Short of that a report to the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading and false advertising.

  6. I hate this place with a passion.....but by fuck i am gonna bleed it dry every opportunity i can....for that is what this monster is doing to us now.....fuck it !!!

  7. IF, and it's a bloody big IF, the lid ever does erupt from over this cesspit of crap known as HMRC then figuratively at least, heads will roll.
    It is impossible to playdown the tragedies past and present ad.infinitum. It just cannot be concealed for ever, too much has now seeped out for it to be ignored.
    IF and WHNE this does get scrutinised there will be civil and criminal crimes to answer to, and that includes the bullying and inept managers who have already retired.
    The taxpayers of the UK (which includes all the staff) deserve to see this out in the open and these managers truly brought to book.
    When a psychiatrist states 'they should be fucking prosecuted' what in God's name does that tell you?
    So,, live in hope that these swine are eventually forced to answer for their crimes, for that is what they are and they know it, especially those in the Law Enforcement menagerie.
    It won't be a day in court, its likely to be a couple of years when the right QC (M. Mansfield?) takes aim.

    Merry Christmas, seasons greetings or whatever your faith, Christmas is coming and the New Year may yet produce a new clutch of whistleblowers, if people have the courage.
    When a roar becomes a thunder it can no longer be ignored, keep watching the horizon in the New Year Excom, it could be time for El Nino!

    1. that should read WHEN not WHNE ;)

  8. Read this, it might explain why the management are so bad.



    1. Micromanaging is the go-to approach
    2. They embrace “do as I say, not as I do”
    3. They’re not qualified
    4. They’re a meeting addict
    5. They don’t treat everyone fairly or equally

    Find the website and learn, you may have a post-Christmas feeling of deja vu. 1 is spot on, they are so afraid of failure and its consequences that innovation and self-direction has evaporated to be replaced by rote and fear;
    Rote 'A memorizing process using routine or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension' (the free dictioary)