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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 4 December 2015

HMRC's Digital Future - Bain

HMRC has selected Bain & Company to guide its transition away from its £10.7 billion Aspire IT outsourcing contract. Bain beat eight other bids for the £20 million contract.

In order to try to gain more control over its IT infrastructure, and end the excessive profit making, the HMRC is exploring ways to change the way in which its IT operations are managed. reports that Bain & Company was chosen on the back of its strategic IT expertise (85%) and price (15%), and the move will see the consultancy become HMRC’s main transformation advisory partner.

Bain’s new role will be to provide strategic support to the HMRC, helping the “programme management team exit from a large-scale outsourced IT arrangement” according to the tender document. 

The consultants will among others be responsible for IT strategy advisory, programme management and governance, system process re-engineering, supporting the people and culture change workstream, and providing further functional/industry expertise as required. 

The contract with Bain formally started in September of this year and runs until August 2017, thus sometime after the Aspire contract comes to an end.

Let's see how this goes then.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Exactly what HMRC require..... More management consultancy bollocks.....
    after all management consultancy bollocks played no part in HMRC arriving at its current state did it?

  2. Can someone explain what value (added or otherwise) was provided from the expenditure of £10.7Bn FFS?!

    The service providers/partners/transition guides/leeches/lampreys/bloodsuckers have grown mighty fat on the waste of customers/taxpayers/sheeples/lemmings money.

    To cap it all, Homer still appears to insist her bonus is justified.

    Does anyone have an oversight on the idiots, Gauke has a blindfold on?

  3. Want to know what's wrong? Bullying.

  4. Nah, both PAC and NAO aware of allegations and did nothing despite support of M.P.

    Makes one wonder, eh?

    what follows is from the Wales On Line posting of 5 June 2013

    A close look at Lllanishen or one or two other shite holes would be revealing, especially following the disastrous Mathew Tvrdon affair...this was the psychotic killer of a mother and person who was responsible for injuring 17 others...
    Aah, just google hi name, the poor guys parents had been begging for the guy to be placed in care before the tragedy occurred, and his employers, who else?
    the tax office worker went on a devastating hit and run rampage, killing Karina Menzies and seriously injuring 13 others during 33 minutes of carnage which brought terror to the streets of the Welsh capital.

    And WalesOnline can now reveal that in the months leading up to his deadly driving spree the 31-year-old suffered a mental breakdown while working for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at their offices in Llanishen, Cardiff.

    Staff at the office, who do not want to be named, claim Tvrdon’s behaviour had became increasingly erratic during his time there.

    He eventually suffered a mental breakdown and spent time in Cardiff’s highly respected Whitchurch Psychiatric Hospital before being discharged and returning to work.

    Speaking to WalesOnline, one of his colleagues at Ty Glas told how she believed Tvrdon showed clear signs of being seriously mentally unwell after returning to work.

    She said he was taken “off the phones” because he could not cope with people and was instead put in a back office job.

    The employee said she thought HMRC “seriously let him down” by not taking his mental health seriously enough.

    A spokeswoman for the HMRC refused to answer any questions about Matt Tvrdon’s time with the HMRC in Cardiff.

    She said: “We do not comment on individual members of staff.”

    A mental patient who killed a mum of three as he mowed down 18 in his white van l
    But the Daily Mirror can reveal Tvrdon was showing warning signs of his meltdown months before killing Karina and seriously injuring 17 others during 30 minutes of carnage in the Welsh capital last October.

    And from Daily Mirror 14th June 2013

    One colleague says little was done about it, claiming he was bullied, persuaded to go off his medication – and once turned up to the office in chains.

    Family, friends and colleagues had become increasingly uneasy about his bizarre behaviour in the weeks running up to the carnage.

    He attended a meeting with his line manager at the offices of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in Llanishen, Cardiff, just two days before he went on the rampage in his white Iveco van.

    It was decided Tvrdon should be referred to mental health professionals.

    But before action was taken, he snapped and went on his terrifying spree.

    So, who wants to talk cover-up?

    1. Widely reported at the time, Dundee ET Chairman criticised the bleeders twice in 2 weeks for the way they had treated disabled staff.
      Does make you wonder.