HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What Floods?

Despite the ongoing chaos in the North of the country caused by storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, HMRC are emulating the response of Sir Philip Dilley (chairman of the Environment Agency) and not giving a damn.

As per AccountingWEB:
"Stuart Jones of 3CA Accountants in Kendal, Cumbria has borne the brunt of the twin storms’ fury. According to Jones, residents are bracing themselves for further storms. Kendal was completely cut off three days ago as all the roads leading into the town were flooded.

Jones now has the unenviable task of facing self assessment season with a ruined office. “Our downstairs was about a metre deep,” said Jones.

“We’ve had to move upstairs and we’ve lost all our computers and records.” HMRC has set up a flooding tax helpline - but Jones told AccountingWEB he has struggled to get conclusive answers on precisely what allowances will be made for accountants in his position. “When I phoned the helpline, I was told they couldn’t help me with any client who didn’t owe HMRC money.

“They seem to expect me to write in for every individual client to ask for reasonable excuse - I have 80 returns to file,” he said. “And I bet if I did do that, I’d be told to write in - but HMRC’s response turnaround is 12 weeks.”

He continued, “Their main concern seems to be they don’t want to be seen chasing debts from businesses who are literally up to their necks in water. The rest of us just have to hold on,” said Jones."
This sounds par for the course for HMRC. Please feel free to share your HMRC flood stories.

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  1. The flood helpline will just be the Debt Management telephone centre.You speak to the same people you speak to when you phone for time to pay or in response to a demand letter. If you want help with something other than paying tax you would need to phone the contact centres,E.g. self assessment helpline, as usual. When you phone the Business Payment Support Service you are phoning the Debt Management Telephone Centre as well. When getting a call, the collector gets a message telling which line was called.

  2. There is nothing like a Dame ...

  3. A insult to all HMRC employees - the biggest piece of useless detritus i ever had the misfortune to have worked under. What a fucking sick joke.

  4. Interesting that's she's described as 'Lately Chief Executive' of HMRC. Is she out, or on her way? Please, please ...

    1. Don't hold your breath. Although I would like to think as a human being this woman has some morals and standards it is becoming blatantly obvious she hasn't. She just continues to selfishly exist full of her own self-importance and misguided belief that she is fit for purpose. She isn't and in the process is causing great resentment, frustration and anger within HMRC and the general public at large. It is the honest and decent hard-working staff of HMRC that keep the department barely afloat, not her or any of her EXCOM cronies. How can such a deluded individual justify that she is worth her salary but also maintain that she deserved her last 'bonus' when she attracts so much high profile criticism from every quarter, or is she just unlucky? I think not, the common denominator in the fiasco's at Birmingham CC, Dept of Transport, Home Office, UKBA and HMRC is you Ms Homer but you take no responsibility whatsoever. What not take heed of what is now general public opinion and follow the example set by Paul Gray....... do HMRC and the country a favour fall on your sword. You are a laughing stock!

    2. ^^ Well said....i, as a member of this organisation, despair :((