HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 30 January 2017

HMRC's Falling Yields

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Hang on a minute. We - the general taxpaying public - paid for the high-ups at HMRC to have lovely little away days at iconic, and not inexpensive, venue's such as Arsenal and Chelsea Football Clubs, and in return for our investment in them they return 25% less from big business. I wonder how many high-ups have been put on improvement needed plans as a result of these damming statistics?

  2. This can be traced back over 10 years to David Varney announcing that big business would receive a "light touch " ie left alone to create wealth -CRM roles are largely PR and i could give you a long list of companies in London including a 6 million turnover group who have not had a Vat audit in 10 years.Dave Hartnett told Deloittes that he thought Vat was too compicated, he did not see the point of it and he would get rid of it if he could (despite the fact the yield exceeds corporation tax ) whilst waiting for a job with them .The department covers up the drop by non reversing accruals ie future revenue benefit and concentrates on small cash businesses -these may be seen as "low hanging fruit " but are often a waste of time and resources as they fold limited companies to avoid payment and have negligible assets . The department estimate 10% written off , its in fact nearer 90 % .The management have not a clue how industry operates and little interest -remember the high profile jobs are in pacesetter change management IT and its implementation , reorganising the estate etc -nobody was ever sacked for missing a target in this organisation.

    1. Incisive and accurate observation. The creative calculations of revenue loss prevented and future revenue benefit would not standup to any form of audit.

    2. If I may summarise my reading of 30/1 @ 16:29's insightful comment:-
      1. Big business is not being regulated by HMRC.
      2. Money which could be spent on vital public service is lost and HMRC could not care less.
      3. HMRC are mismanaged from the top - their priorities are wrong.

      Add to that the way they treat their own staff - inhumane brutal bullying by sick managers running amok which includes the breaking of criminal and civil laws, which is in turn covered up (despite evidence of criminality & misconduct)by their senior management and 'human resources' department, then we are witnessing an organisation which needs investigation for the benefit of the general public. If this were happening in any private sector business there would be huge howls of outrage but HMRC are allowed to carry on unchecked. No ifs, no buts, get the HMIC in there and investigate what is really going on!!! If there is evidence of Misconduct in Public Office and other offences then let due process follow!

    3. Sorry the six million should have read 6 billion , but you catch my drift ! I think it was Eichmann who commented that one death is a tragedy. a million is a statistic -the management will write off millions whilst arguing over travel claims..i personally uncovered what amounts to evasion at two major banks , if i had chased the matter personally i would have been reprimanded ! Government cannot be ever trusted to investigate itself so the show carries on or as Leona Helmsley said "tax is for little people "

    4. HMIC's 2012 inspection report into HMRC concluded that more can and should be done now to counter internal fraud and corruption..."
      Since that time there is evidence that HMRC have covered up the misconduct of some staff, preventing the unlawful wrongdoing even being investigated by their inside Internal Governance people and so denying the opportunity for Prosecution to be considered or even for the
      appropriate Conduct & Discipline Procedure. What message does this send to staff at risk of becoming corrupt, when management have shown a willingness to turn a blind eye in certain cases and stymied the rule of law?

    5. If those people who are uneducated when it comes to HMRC were to read the above comments how on earth can HMRC be trusted??? NOTHING LESS THAN A PUBLIC INQUIRY LEADING TO ROOT AND BRANCH REFORM WILL DO NOW!!!

    6. Dear Mrs May, again, its time to take stock and have a look at your tax department, if you don't then Brexit could end up screwing up all those mega benefit calculations, why?

      When the UK had a Customs and Excise Department along with Inland Revenue, Immigration and a few other peripherals things ran relatively smoothly, there were bumps, but as with Customs & LCB, they were usually sorted, eventually.
      Post Brexit the UK is very likely to have to reform a crushed system, particularly with regard to imports and exports. If you fail to prepare for the opportunities that will resurface for Organised Crime then VAT losses on mobile phones or empty containers stated to carry high value goods will be petty cash for the OCG's by comparison. The controls left to administer Customs and Excise requirements are poor now, post Brexit they will be overwhelmed.
      I challenge you to get a grip on this now, before it is too late, you could start by getting rid of HMRC, resurrect The Inland Revenue, C&E and protect the public purse from losses caused by everything from incompetence, stupidity and crime to lack of staff where it counts.
      Over to you P.M., respectfully.

    7. Dear HMIC, I believe HMRC are harbouring some personnel guilty of misconduct, preventing due process from running its course. HMRC are a tax collection & law enforcement agency with the potential to intrude into people's lives. Their powers are as a fact extensive and some members of the public may take the view excessive - whatever their opinion, the public need to be able to have trust in them. Integrity has to be absolute. Law breaking and misconduct big and small erodes confidence in public organisations. Please investigate.
      If you find no case having assessed the evidence then we can be reassured that all is in order. If such a case exists prosecutions must be considered. Call me old-fashioned but I consider us all equal before the law, although those accepting pay in positions of trust arguably have additional responsibilities, and there can be no stronger deterrent to misconduct and law breaking than to see appropriate sanction and convictions.
      Sincerely etc

    8. IPCC nothing less!

    9. Get the Civil Service Commission onto this! On second thoughts are they independent? If not stick with the IPCC and request government to set up a full public inquiry.

    10. What are the PCS union doing to help innocent HMRC staff caught up in this toxic culture??

    11. HMRC for all their public statements about what a lovely place it is for staff, run a thuggish regime whereby any disturbed manager can at will, take out their frustration with their lives, by bullying staff in the knowledge they will be backed by senior management no matter the level of their misconduct and law breaking. Just look at the different comments on the government's own civil service blog about the people survey 2016 (and bearing in mind some comments are probably censored and this will give people a little idea as to the size and scale of the problem). We should say it plainly - this is CORRUPTION. Senior management must be held to account.

      Ps. pcs union are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard and will do sweet fa about any of it!!

      Calling the IPCC!!!

    12. Seek and Ye Shalle Finde

      4 & 20 ponies etc...

      No smoke without fire

      What is lacking is cohesion and the will (of those that should)

      Need all the M.P.'s, G.P.'s, Psychiatrists, people who have suffered, relatives, friends to make a louder noise. The evidence lies both within and without HMRC - get that good Barrister on the case, go for a class action case after IPCC has done its job, unfettered by any HMRC staff on secondment in there or HMIC.

    13. The 'light touch' approach is all part of the mess called HMRC in which the public do not trust.
      As the PAC said its one rule for the rich, another for the rest of us.
      It is evident something's very corrupt at hmrc. Breaking them up along the lines of the old depts Inland Revenue & C&E as suggested above would be a good start. We also need investigation and accountability for all the misconduct in the HMRC era so that we can move forward knowing misconduct/ law breaking is punished.

    14. Not forgetting the reporters who have penned articles or considered cases!

    15. A strong message would be sent out regarding the requirement for absolute integrity at HMRC if senior management were asked to account as to the extent of their knowledge about bullying and cover-ups, not to mention HMRC's trampling over human beings fundamental rights. If they were then found to be lying, it would ask as a deterrent if they face appropriate conduct and discipline punishments. Leadership, obviously, has to come from the top. If high-ups are not behaving properly then this misconduct will trickle down through the ranks and explains a lot!

    16. Reading accounts of bullying, misconduct, cover-ups, law breaking etc at HMRC, with the mention of reporters having written articles, it would be interesting to know exactly the scale of this problem.
      How many survivors of HMRC are out there? How many prosecutions and/or dismissals have there been?

    17. Why do HMRC management believe it to be their 'duty' to support and cover up bullying, misconduct and lawbreaking of managers?
      Wake up HMRC management - your duty is to the values of honesty & integrity; the truth; the civil service code; common decency; the law of the land etc. Its called having a little courage and some morals. If you are covering for the misconduct of a guilty manager you too are guilty of misconduct.

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