HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

MPs To Investigate Idiotic and Perverse Iceland Tax Demand

MPs will investigate HMRC “idiotic” & “perverse” tax demand which appear to be down to an overzealous approach by HMRC in the pursuit of its objectives to ‘maximise revenues’ & which came to light a few days after the Head of HMRC received a knighthood.

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  1. Good. HMRC are acting like legalised gangsters. Do you think they will issue any tech giants with nice brown envelopes?

    I agree with the earlier posts, how they undermine the rule of law and access to justice and have been taken to task by the House of Lords.

    I'm actually surprised the MPs are doing something about it. Knighthoods all round eh. All we will get is a bullshit session at some Parliamentary Committee where they can look stupid, talk shite and weasel their way out of it.

    A ruined Christmas for many with zero accountability. The person(s) responsible will be spending New Year covering their backsides. Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. If you look at the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee: The Conduct of Tax Enquiries and Resolution of Tax Disputes then all becomes clear.

    HMRC are very good at starting idiotic things running which they cannot and will not then settle on any negotiated grounds and force ever larger numbers of disputes to litigation.

    Clever it is not

  3. How about taking away the knighthood from Jon Thompson the CEO? He has enabled violent staff bullying to be covered up, contrary to the rule of law by which we are governed in this country; he has failed to improve revenue collection, customer/digital services; and now this (unbelievably to "maximise revenues").


  4. email asking why Thompson got a knighthood.

  5. Pachyderm in corner of room?

    Perhaps the M.P.'s should consider who makes 'loadsa money' and lines their pockets as a result of these protracted issues, however they should take care to look at both sides protagonists and legal advisors. 'Follow the money trails...' ergo wherever!

    BTW, writing to the honours office regarding an HMRC CEO 'gong' award doesn't achieve the desired effect, for some obscure reason. ;)

  6. Don't fall at the first hurdle. Follow up with If you are in LCAG there is some further information there. Honours are rarely withdrawn but at least we can attempt to make them justify rather than rubber-stamp these things.

    1. What's the further info in LCAG?

  7. My empathy is with all those suffering at the hands of HMRC's vile misconduct.

    Speaking as someone forced out of a long-term career with HMRC due to bullying and a law-breaking manager, and who was driven to the verge of suicide due to the behaviour of Jon Thompson, and various scoundrels under his watch in management and the HR 'department', who attempted to cover up the truth and prevent justice (which the wicked, cowardly, monsters dragged out for 3 years at the taxpayers expense in an attempt to push my mental health over the edge) I concur with others that this creature should not be given a knighthood.

    Never forget the leaked internal report that "bullying, discrimination against the disabled, racism, favouritism, sexism, and total disregard for mental health to name but a few, have at HMRC all been completely normalized" - something Thompson is responsible for.

    A few quotes as a taster:

    " “Staff who do not have English as their first language are discriminated against and are not given the same opportunities.”

    “Some managers only say good morning to English staff”

    “Promotions are primarily given to white people.“

    “Staff on leave from work with mental health issues being contacted on a daily basis by their manager.”

    “Disabled member of staff being bullied, yet they were the one moved from the team.”

    “People accept bullying as the norm and allow staff to talk negatively about people and swear in the open office.”

    “Male colleagues openly rating female staff members in the office on whether they are attractive or not. In addition to comments on how attractive a female staff member was meant it impacted how hard they needed to work to get on” "

    With previous honours having been given to disgusting scumbags like Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall now is the time to restore some integrity to the system. Enough is enough !!

    1. A link to the leaked internal report or parts, or guide me to where it has been posted, my M.P. will be very interested to see a copy.
      Or anyone else that can oblidge please?
      Could be a catalyst at this stage!


    3. "A unique insight into the rotten culture of HMRC"?

  8. HMRC can do (and does) what it wants, to whom it wants, whenever it wants. Goes after Iceland with every weapon in their legal arsenal. Different story elsewhere isn't it..

  9. Someone in government, please, get a group of independent, expert investigators, into HMRC and find out what on earth is going on.

    Speak to taxpayers, accountants, current & former HMRC staff, and listen to their accounts of the out of control conduct of this organisation which is, apparently, not complying with the law of the land. This is the tax authority who are entrusted to enforce tax law FFS!!

    Clue: Follow the evidence and if compelling evidence of wrongdoing is discovered, make sure that the HMRC staff responsible are pursued through criminal, civil and/or disciplinary action.

    Until we have an investigation the trust and confidence of the British people will not be restored in HMRC.

  10. Maybe everyone one that reads this blog should sent a link to it to their MP so they are at least aware of it. There must be an MP somewhere that wants to make a name for themselves that can press for an investigation
    That's why we vote for an MP isn't it, to represent the wishes of their constituents?

    1. I wouldn't bother. They are a long way from Snow White that lot. Put "Gordon Bowden Finchley Road London" into your favourite search engine. Or You wont be very happy I can promise you. We are all in this together.

  11. Interesting technical issue. Maybe HMRC are correct ??