HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 26 April 2019

HMRC To Accept Online Complaints

As from this Autumn (theoretically) taxpayers will be able to send HMRC complaints online.

Our ever efficient and competent government has declared its ambition to be “one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world”.

Currently people who contact the Adjudicator’s Office to make a complaint against HMRC or the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) can only do so currently by post, telephone or fax.

The FT reports that Nicky Morgan, chair of the Treasury select committee, wrote to HMRC this month expressing astonishment that the public were unable to contact the Adjudicator’s Office by email. In response to her letter, Jim Harra, second permanent secretary and deputy chief executive of HMRC, promised to provide an email address for the Adjudicator’s Office by the autumn.

He blamed HMRC’s prioritisation of leaving the EU for the delay in digitising the department’s complaints process.

Prediction: the system will crash within hours!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. All the noise about HMRC's violent bullying culture and further Paul Garlick's tweets etc have quietened down somewhat!!! Have the HMRC thugs found a way of silencing the victims? Nothing surprises with those unscrupulous, dishonest, scum of the earth types...sadly.

    1. I suspect that Paul Garlick has been imprisoned by the Illuminati-financed deep state.
      Probably the same people who put the chemicals in aircraft vapour trails that make our children homosexuals.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. All gone very quiet.
    As an aside, anyone know why Chris Firth lost his job?

  3. Firth sacked for bullying. How Simpson still there I have no idea!

    1. Thank you Firth info.

    2. Surely some mistake.
      Why would an organisation with a violent bullying culture sack a senior manager for bullying.

    3. Why don't HMRC sack all staff responsible for the department's violent bullying culture? Why has HMRC allowed so much unlawful and violent abuse of staff past & present go unchecked? If everything is so rosy, why does HMRC have a well-resourced and well-organised cover up operation with Human Resources and management which allows bullies to escape any repercussions for their misconduct?
      HMRC have a long list of questions to answer...until they do they are best dismissed as a corrupt and dishonest organisation - not to be trusted; the scoundrels.

  4. It has all been hushed up by Counter Avoidance, it is a major operation to ensure nothing leaks out. Garlick, victims and witnesses have been silenced.

    1. Not very successful at hushing it up as we are discussing it on here.
      For the sake of clarification could you explain precisely how Mr Garlick has been "silenced".

  5. "Why don't HMRC sack...?" Well first off, victims have to make a formal complaint. In my experience, most cases of bullying are never reported using the grievance process as there's so little faith in it. The onus is on the complainant to prove their assertion and that's really difficult.
    I've seen the most confident individuals crumble once consistently exposed to being undermined and questioned, doubted and challenged; it's the total sum of these steps rather than a one off event. So how can one build a grievance case against someone's management style? Especially if that management style is mirrored at SCS level.
    The suspicion is that the SCS in HMRC has very much adopted a harsh management style (dog eat dog), where whistleblowers are treated as traitors. Any workplace that hasn't worked out how to have a decent whistleblower process that works in practice, with full protection and support for the whistleblower is a workplace where bullying is fostered and will go unchallenged. The fact that HMRC would rather use RIPA to spy on whistleblowers than address the faults highlighted in governance explains their attitude towards bullying.

    1. Thank you for your astute observations re HMRC's toxic bullying culture - which very neatly gets to the nub of the issue.

      I have no doubt that the management style within HMRC is mirrored at Senior Civil Service level. In the Sunday newspapers last week, there was a suggestion that Sir Mark Serwill, the UK's most senior of Senior Civil Servants, the Cabinet Secretary no less, might be a bully. This may or may not be true. The paper said: "A source said: ‘You only have to spend five minutes in a meeting with him to realise he has a temper that makes it just not worth going against him.’"

      Civil Service whistle-blowers spoke of a culture of bullying and cover-ups, and "Sir Mark has been accused of covering up a major bullying scandal at the Department for International Trade". With an apparent attitude like that at SCS level, what chance has a Administrative Assistant or Assistant Officer within HMRC got, if they are bullied and make the mistake of standing up to the unlawful bullying, following which they will be targeted by the most awful and cowardly thuggery sanctioned by HMRC management?

      In my personal case as a victim of HMRC, I came to the conclusion that Sir Jonathan Thompson, the Chief Executive, is a bully and condones bullying, and have no doubt that he views staff who have the courage and integrity to stand-up to bullying, misconduct and law-breaking as 'trouble makers'. My reasoning is that Sir Jonathan knew of an allegation of criminal law-breaking by Heather Connolly, in relation to misuse of personal data and harassment, during a period when she was bullying me, failing in her responsibilities as a manager and generally unlawfully attempting to force me out of the Department. Despite the compelling evidence, when Sir Jonathan heard of the allegations he personally did nothing to institute an independent investigation by Internal Governance into the allegations surround Connolly's misconduct - this directly led to a failure to obtain justice and the dishonest cover-up, seemingly well-organised within HR, continued leading to me being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Instead Thompson attempted to mislead by local MP in correspondence, in what I can only describe as dishonest action.

      I could say at this point, that we need a full investigation into all of HMRC's past law-breaking, a full root & branch reform and a change in culture blah blah blah...but we all know it will never happen. Hence, I continue to advise potential employees of HMRC to steer well clear unless extremely desperate, and even if that desperate, to start employment with the organisation fully aware of the dangerous risks that one day, should you challenge workplace violence in HMRC, the thugs may come for you.

      When the law is broken in the UK it should be the perpetrators who are investigated and punished; in HMRC the only punishment is that meted out to victims.

    2. Should anyone doubt that HMRC is still a toxic place to work, see this recent review left on
      "If your face doesnt fit will feel completely let down by Managers across all Bands who are paid alot to support you .... to be promoted you MUST dislike the same people as current promoted staff . There is a sinister bullying campaign that everyone knows about ... felt sick walking into the office everyday .... excluded from conversations .. nights out .. straight to pub after early finish on Friday ?.nope you wont be going to that either will be shouted at you will be GOSSIPED about .......
      But worst of all are the sarcastic viscious WOMEN who strut about in pairs (every office has them) ... shallow, co-dependent, trouble makers, who make others lives a misery all done in front of Managers and ALL ignored ..horrible horrible nasty place ."
      I am sure this will resonate with many current & former staff victims of HMRC

    3.'s incredible how many alpha females there are in the HMRC now.

  6. Here's another Indeed review:
    Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) – London, Greater London – 21 March 2019
    Hmrc is a horrendous place to work - if you are taken on on a new, non flexi contract. I work as a customer service advisor on the phone and it is stressful and very challenging. We are forced to come into work before our shift starts without being paid for it, and if we log on one minute after our shift starts, despite being in the building early, on time for the start of our shift.; you are harassed and punished for being ‘late’. Every moment of your day is monitored and you will be questioned if your break is too long. Training is appalling, expected to know advanced technical tax rules and legislation with next to no training. Customers can be extremely abusive and there is no support for this. You are treated like just a number, and if your stats aren’t good, expect to have managers openly talking about you in front of you and your team as managers have a gang like culture. Also the organisation promotes incompetent people for managerial roles who won’t know what they are doing. The work is extremely challenging, tiring and you are made to work unfair shift patterns. Wages are nowhere near enough what they should be. Also will take around six months from applying for the job to the actual start date. Avoid at all costs, unless you like stress.